The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

They’ll get this. Remember, this is just simple A/B testing to see which imagery sticks, and which doesn’t. That’s why all the text is the same. From there, they will refine the text, using various summaries and whatnot, to do A/B testing on the text. And so on. Marketing is an evolution; to really be great at it, you’re constantly changing the message, grabbing people seeing it for the first time at a higher rate, as well as convincing those that it didn’t have an effect on previously.

Remember, marketing is something Richard is great at. We’re in good hands. :slight_smile:


Looking at the copy, many look like they are aimed at those already with an interest in crypto. There will lots of variations on copy/imagery depending on the demographic. They got this.


Yeah it’s hard to comment on FB Ads without knowing what the target audience is but selling the benefits is better that awareness advertising.

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More interesting to me is the countries listed.


Planting a bunch of blueberries at the moment.

Lots of ceder roots to cut, and rocks to move >.>


Well the announcement did say this is the first of our software updates…

So, it’s likely an upgrade that had to happen before other planned tweaks can be implemented in the near future.

That’s how I read it. Wouldn’t bother mentioning the first if more wasn’t in the works.


What countries list you talking about? Am I missed something?

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What countries list you talking about?

the FB ad has a selectable country list but there are more than 20 countries there

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my_guess_ that there was 1 country in the present ongoing update and 19 is coming in 19 patches

The 20 countries by EOY refers to MVNO partners going live. They are totally free to advertise in way more than 20 countries though. Not everyone needs a MVNO partner they use; they may be interested in ETN for way more than those partners (read: Gig.Guru, remittance, instant payments, investment vehicle, etc…)


You mean the add photos are from different countries?

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Just came back from my last session with my personal trainer. Results of my 3d body scan before and after - I lost 5% body fat and gained 4.7% lean mass. He said that was impressive for only 1 month. I think I’m gonna win this bet.


I tried with 3 countries and got 79 ads for each. I think they are the same ads but I didn’t compare the three lists of 79 ads one by one. you can check it for yourself, the link to the ad is above.

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There is a section you can click there that separates ads by countries. Sometimes when you move from one country to another, they are the same, sometimes with certain countries, it reloads a new selection of ads.

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I missed something? :smiley:

just saw the new filing of etn ltd’s Confirmation statement made on 2 July 2019 with updates. Why does red cube advertising ltd owns all of the shares of etn ltd even if red cube is owned by RE? Is this a usual setup?

what’s that ? :-o :smiley:

nothing would please me more than you finally getting ripped :joy:

remember, pics or it didn’t happen :wink:

I would suggest posing in front of your monitor showing parts of this post, and a copy of your QR code glued to your right tidbit (stamp size would be OK if high resolution pic)

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