The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

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I think we all are pumped for anytasks. Me mostly because of the impact it can have to improve the standard of living for so many around the world who up until now have been excluded from participating in the global economy and all that comes with it.

It’s a game changer in so many ways, and yes, it should increase the demand for ETN and drive use of ETN in local ecosytems of vendors, shops and retailers. I’d like to also see an ATM network pop up that enables the use of ETN.

I still think cross border, personal remittance will be one of the biggest uses cases for ETN once everything is in place to allow it to happen without friction on either end of the send/receive. By friction, I mean easy to send/acquire to send, easy to spend or cash out in local fiat for the receiver. It’s going to happen, and once it does remittance senders won’t look back or ever bother with the methods they’ve had to use in the past.


Has anyone from the US thought about the tax implications of AnyTasks. What about selling digital services and getting paid in ETN, doing your taxes will be a nightmare.

Maybe the platform will have the ability to print or download accounting statements with spot price of ETN at time of payment.

Similar to what they provide with the instant payment system API for merchants.

I have no idea if that’s the plan, but seems it’s probably possible to do for anyone anywhere that needs such records.

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Well I totally agree with you and I appreciate your passion for clarity. Thanks for entertaining A silly Whimsical Notions. :blush: Not sarcasm. Lol.

You’ve made excellent points. I was not really aware that you could not make new accounts. I primarily used tradeogre although when I found out liquid was going to be shutting down or disallowing US customers there was rumors that we should remove our electroneum or any coin from liquid.
I count myself blessed to still have the ability to buy it on trade ogre on a regular basis. Come to think of it now I think after telling somebody to try to make a trade ogre account that they were never able to and that was some months ago maybe even close to a year ago.

We really are blessed to be in this early. I’m just going to keep accumulating as long as I can

ETN is getting out there :grin::grin:


…so is using BTC here in the US to purchase at Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Whole Foods. And yet folks are doing it every day (via Spedn app).


if etn’s price were $10 it would be in the same group with the big boys volumewise. would you say then that it’s 95% washtrading?

I didn’t say anything about wash trading, CMC themselves referred to it… so what’s your point?

You believe fake volume is not a thing?

DATA membership

CMC revealed the news during the first virtual roundtable held today, Aug. 27, of the Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA), a group of exchanges and projects in the crypto space formed in May 2019.

DATA currently counts Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, OKEx and others as members.

During the DATA roundtable, CoinMarketCap presented three topics for the alliance’s general consideration: the use of liquidity metrics, self-reported data and a unified crypto asset ID database. A dashboard for self-reporting data will also launch on Oct. 14, 2019.

Switch to liquidity

The idea of using liquidity metrics to rank exchanges arose in part due to problems with wash trading in the current volume rankings on the site, according to CMC’s presentation.

The CMC presentation also said that using liquidity as a metric may prove problematic, as it is non-numeric, constantly changing and difficult to record and report.

However, CMC underlined that if they retain the volume metric, they will need to redesign it so that it can’t be gamed easily, reflects the right reasons for better rankings and creates a level playing field.


The second point — self-reported data — was brought up as a way to incentivize transparency in the crypto space. The CMC presentation put forward the idea of receiving badges as rewards for the number of data points that an exchange reveals, referring to this as a carrot for people to fill out more information in a way similar to LinkedIn’s ranking system. Examples of data points that could lead to badges include KYC, office location and shared order books with other exchanges.

Making the cut

Ben O’Neill from crypto research firm Messari noted that no exchanges are currently delisting “bad projects” other than the spring 2019 delistings of BSV. He also said that the alliance needs to incentivize a future where third-parties are keeping projects honest by having real repercussions.

I have no idea what you are going on about, but you sure like to try and get in my face don’t you?

Yes of course wash trading doesn’t occur aywhere and all reported volume is real everywhere. Because ya know, all the exchanges everywhere are so regulated, they would never allow anything shady to occur on their platform, sure.

So me making a comment that CMC rankings would probably change when they make the switch to Volume that could be proven ruffled your feathers why?

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You a wash trader, organized pump and dump participant, price manipulator? If not then I don’t see why you’re all bent out of shape.

CMC does not report all exchanges and they also report wash trading exchanges in order to get kickback referral commissions. BTI has very clearly laid it out with all the evidence - but they also seem to ignore small exchanges and exchanges with foreign language barriers. We will see how honest they (CMC) become with their recent announcements but I seriously doubt their sincerity - just my opinion. CMC cares about CMC and pretends to not do so with their “adjusted volume.”

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Probably true, but it’s also possibly a step in the rigth direction. I find it hard to believe that Binance is squeaky clean myself.

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Good morning electronights…

It is

Monday :sleepy: 11th November

Yesterday was full of floods rain , and of course remembrance sunday.
Today we remember at 11am…


So to all of those who lost their lives R.I.P , thankyou for your ultimate sacrifice.

Here are today’s statistics


May we never have wars again. We should all be fighting famine poverty etc . Buy books help people rather than kill them.

One world …

Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Stay safe and above all
Have a good one



Beta Launch date

18th November !!!



I just meant that with the same amount of coins traded and the price of $10/coin, etn would have the same volume. how would the volume become fake volume then if it is not a fake volume now?

Oh, well I don’t know why you are asking me that question. Seems we have our wires crossed somewhere along the line.

I don’t recall me stating that I thought ETN’s current volume was fake. I sure hope not, because there isn’t much of it. Which is why I doubt much if any of it is fake. I do however think that much of BTC and other top coin’s volume are fake and a lot of shady stuff goes on at many exchanges. There isn’t anyone making sure those unregulated exchanges are operating ethically…so it’s safe to assume most of them aren’t. That’s my opionion, fact or fiction who knows.

Now, when there are ETN trading comps, that’s another story…depending on how an exchange operates and how diligent they are about enforcing wash trading rules they may have.

You don’t think ranking will adjust if only verifiable volume was used, is that what you are arguing? Well BTC’s daily volume would for sure and many others.

Total market cap value shouldn’t change, that’s tied to price and circulating supply, not trading volume.

In your scenario the trading volume doesn’t increase but market cap value does.

I thought initially we were talking about rankings according to daily trading volume, not market cap values.

The exchange rankings would probably get shook up a bit too, it’s obviously in their own best interest to make it appear that higher volume of trading is taking place than actually is, because traders want to be where there is lots of trading volume (liquidity) in most instances.

High volume exchanges are the places they like to squat with their trading bots…and then play trading bots games.


Any news on when Liquid goes live in the US… i thought i heard a date, but i can not remember

January…so about 6-8 weeks.

They also have their external world book going live soon (links exchanges together), so that will likely help liquidity. Plus they are also slowly introducing the fast withdrawal for coins…it will be nice keeping the industry leading security but being able to withdraw much faster.

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