The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

“bad coin”, lol…you mods are funny.

Good observation. In short: The fact remains that the bridge to buy ETN is closed to those in the US who are new crypto until we list on a major licensed and regulated US Exchange.

I reside in the states. We have an increasing demand for crypto here, with about 10% of our adult population now involved in the space.

Several of the investor groups I am involved in - also here in the states - now have many individuals who are very interested in crypto but never were before. The majority of these people I am close with are High Net Worth. I mention this because they only do business on fully licensed and regulated US based exchanges.

I certainly have their attention when it comes to Electroneum; in fact, they share my enthusiasm for all of the success the Team are having in their business development, but my friends here also have no way to buy the coin.

Understand these are people who will only do business on a fully licensed and regulated exchange. Consequently, I see them go onto Coinbase, Gemini, and Binance US and buy the coins they are offering.

A listing on any of these exchanges will put our avg daily 24hr volume in the millions of dollars and is precisely the liquidity needed to onboard the interest I speak of; it is also needed if we aim to land in the Top 10. I am told by my close network here that isn’t it a bit of a paradox ETN is the first fully regulatory friendly KYC/AML compliant coin but is not listed in the US. It is, and it frustrates me. We are going into our 3rd year now and this must change - the sooner the better - and we (and especially the project) will all be far better for it.



I think Richard has said before that he’ll pay the Binance fee when the time is right. He didn’t want to pay it before the ecosystem is ready else it might be a waste.

Let’s hope that time is early next year when AnyTasks is in general release.


I personally have no doubt what so ever that 2020 will see more large exchanges taking interest in listing ETN (delivering = adoption = liquidity = exchanges), but in the meantime, this is a very good start:

Very close now…and fits in VERY nicely with the launch of anytasks, taskschool, marketing etc


That’s what OTC is good for in your country not to skip CMC but to place ETN where it’s needed!


Yes, Liquid made that announcement in April 2019 and here we are… I’ve been looking forward to this as well but unfortunately Liquid is not the solution because their liquidity/volume is anemic globally and will be far less within just the US. Should this change then I certainly recant, but I know it will not for a long long time.

A major US based exchange is what is needed to allow widespread access to the coin in the US. Right now there is zero.

(Not FUD, just imagine if 3 dozen of your closest investor friends – people who play in the 7 and 8-figure space – are new to crypto and very excited about ETN but couldn’t buy it. Welcome to my world; my small isolated group is far from alone…)



In Norway i think around 1000 to 10 000 would like to invest a small saving in ETN if it was known… price from 1000$ to 100 000$… and we are a small nation

When I watched the Malta blockchain video and saw all the Chinese speakers I knew right away that was going to happen. That video is getting played and translated in China so I would say for the next week at least ETN search activity will go up in China.


and then we soon will see the effect of it


Tell your highfalutin friends to stop being big babies. If they can buy Bitcoin on coinbase, then they can Buy electroneum on a number of reasonable exchanges and then move it into their electroneum wallet or have you not thought to tell them this.

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Electroneum set all time records when the US were able to easily participate in directly buying ETN (during ICO). In fact, without the US participation there would have been no record setting.

I believe Electroneum will set more records only wen:thinking: US residents are again able to easily buy ETN .



Yeah, but is all that current litsted volume real?

If 95% is fake volume as has been suggested, then surely once they switch to ranking by volume there will be some significant shakeups in current rankings…or I’m missing something.

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Tell my HNW associates to VPN in to create accounts on fake volume unregulated exchanges etc… It’ll never happen (and you missed my point): This isn’t about my group per se, this is a widespread matter – ease of access for US residents, especially the demographic who only do business with firms like Fidelity, Coinbase, Gemini – US based fully licensed and regulated.



Been pretty busy with a sick cat and sick family member (capital F cancer) but everywhere I go, I see something to do with ETN, and that’s awesome.


I’m not really missing your point I’m just pointing out the obvious. Sorry about that. But why is it that they couldn’t take the moment of risk to buy it and then send it to a secure location like electroneum wallet to hold as an investment for the long term. Much more secure than holding it on an exchange.

I mean the exchanges work just fine. And you would only use them for a short while to acquire and then move to a safe location. I guess it’s depending on how much of a rebel investor you are vs the classic investor. I mean that’s kind of the point of investing in electroneum and crypto and in general is that it’s a higher risk higher reward kind of asset because we’re so new into it.
But I agree with you there are plenty of people that just haven’t been awakened yet to the reality or the technical details of acquiring Bitcoin and using some other exchange to acquire another altcoin.
Plenty of people who would rather not risk their money even if there is great reward. The early birds get the worm

But could the price increase through demand from real world users, without HNW individuals who just want it as an investment vehicle… I’m talking millions of people in Africa, Asia etc. If they all want it, do we need big investors if millions of little guys add up to the amount they will put in (without making big whale splashes in the process)?

Oh well, if not then “wen Binance?” Not heard that one lately.


I dream about Coinbase for ETN


I’d really like to see the price go up for the little guys, the hairdressers and car washers, the taxi drivers, the ones in countries where we haven’t launched yet… before big whales start spouting their millions.

If the whales didn’t support it in the early days (for whatever reason) then don’t see why they should be first in line for profits. Maybe I’m being naïve, but surely the money velocity and network effect thing works better or just as well without a small number of big investors?

Just a bit annoyed at the moment by some recent “charity coin” blather, from people who only see things from their western perspective and don’t understand that enablement is not the same as charity and the people in Africa are not “charity cases”.


Look what whales have done to Bitcoin, who needs them turning it into a rich kid’s plaything.

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Agreed. It’s not charity, it’s investment in more than a billion and a half people. It bothers me that people can’t see that. There is a massive market there. They are now connected to the web, and are becoming educated, just not in the traditional fashion your average westerner expects. One of their more immediate educations, is the recognition that the world economy has left them behind and has not attempted to involve them. When people with little are given opportunity, they do amazing things. This will be amazing to watch unfold.

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