The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

Had to take mine off. Small bladder.


By far the biggest riser in CMC top 100👍


I smell pump and dump. Don’t get into it.
We need to get listed to more exchanges to counter this.


Markets usually drop on Sundays, so we will wait and see how the price does. Price drops on Sundays, because all of the day traders are at church, I guess.


No, that’s where all the non-traders are, praying is doesn’t drop on Monday after the pump on Friday that they bought into, lol

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Well it’s official- interest in Brazil for Electroneum has exceeded the last bull market/ICO!


Never really understood those graphs. What does this mean in, actual numbers of people searching/showing an interest in ETN - are we talking hundreds or thousands and over what timeframe?

Unfortunately… looks like pump and dump :sweat:

I dont think being up 4 sats and then dropping 2 sats is either a PUMP or DUMP :rofl:


We still have some big psychological barriers to overcome. When you have been down where we have been, for such a long time, the opportunist traders get trigger happy. Every time we raise 10% they believe it will come right back down again. Perceptions about the price of ETN, (nothing to do with value) has to be turned around.

It was exciting to see the number 37, haven’t seen it for a while.


Yep, it feels like the sun at this time of the year. You just wanna run outside and bask in all it’s glory :sun_behind_large_cloud::sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny::sunglasses:

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Not as excited as seeing 197k miners :grin: Looks like not many of the new miners were bots, probably just people forgetting to reset the cloud miner!


Just when I thought we were done for a while, we go again. 227k. Nice to see some volume. We need that before exchanges get grumpy.

Time frame is the clearest and the base factor, that particular graph is 5 years, you can tap anywhere on the trend line and it will give you a time stamp. 0 is the least interest and 100 the most. Since the timeframe is the base- they take the maximum search activity and least activity from in this case 5 years. So say 10,000 search requests was the max that would become 100 and 0 was the least so that stays 0 (electroneum has only existed For roughly 2 years) you could have a situation where in a certain timeframe you never drop below a certain # so that # would then be your baseline of 0, anything in between is adjusted relative to those two points.
You can pay google for the actual #s I believe but trends alone speak volumes and it’s free.

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Whoever it was that said about needing 10,000 new users per day until Christmas we have actually now achieved that rate! Hope this continues, and hope they are all genuine users.

Wonder what’s caused it, South Africa didn’t give us a spike and Claro alone in Brazil didn’t really either.


There’s that nice number 37 again too.

200k looks like it can be achieved today!


199,751? That’s pretty crazy. I wonder if the system is going to boot a lot of them for duping/bots?


Or is it just all the people who noticed today’s pump regaining interest and turning their miners back on? Maybe both?

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