The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

Go ETN now!!!..


What were the videos for , good though

I was scrolling different gig websites, trying to gain more understanding of the gig economy, looking at company debts, gross/net income etc. For 3 or 4 days the FB algo has been shilling me gig websites. I’ll wait FB, thanks.


The short explanation is that i do not know. we looks like in a correction , but when i look left in the chart it looks like heavy warnings…but there is more jobs then predicted and salary have gone up. DXY"USD" are getting stronger (negative fore BTC)

But this is my general view on it and i was expecting a recession during the summer. but this is not a easy time frame since it goes so long, so i cant say if this is a small or lager correction, but something is in the air


Nods sagely, trying to understand. Sorry, my noob is showing.

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If you manage to predict when it is coming and ending you can be a wealthy person. many nation are in that Recesion and have been it for awhile, but it is not global yet, and that is why i think US markets that is the largest one and a stabile one is ok to use in general terms


I get the general idea behind recession. I struggle to understand graphs, how to properly read them and find their significance, beyond a basic level of understanding. I read the TA thread on here religiously. I have a lot to learn. Any resources to suggest?


In the beginning of the year we was very close to going in a recession but we did not

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The one thing I know for sure, is that I am so glad I locked in my mortgage for 5 years rather than keep with the variable we have been so lucky with. I have 6 years left on it. I can survive a year of anything.


Investopedia can be a source for TA specific questions
This video channel is good fore learning


Much appreciated thank you.


Anyone else enjoy turning the candle green right before candle close with a small order? Sometimes it feels like a video game :joy: hope everyone is enjoying their day :wave:

With every day that passes we grow closer to our goal

We are Electroneum :zap:
:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Noticed lots of talk in many comments above about security measures and wen 2fa etc…

You do realize an air-gapped paper wallet is impossible to bypass and extremely simple to make. If you want the ultimate on security, the power is all yours.

Keeping all or even most of your holdings on any app/exchange/etc is never wise. Even Liquid (which I love) utilizes cold storage but not nearly as safe as a paper wallet created offline which you can throw on a usb or hold in your hand…

It should also be noted the security behind your app holdings is already very extensive, and it will certainly be great when we see even more enhanced security. But let’s be clear: Ultimately the security of your ETN is your responsibility; not the app’s for not having 2fa or this or that other security measure.

If you want to protect your ETN with an impenetrable security measure it couldn’t be simpler. :+1::+1:



@Jeff_Knight In todays digital age a little bit of extra security in any app is welcomed.
I use my etn app in my secure folder on my Samsung galaxy. Do i trust it completely … no , because it connects to the internet but ii is protected by password , biometrics ( fingerprint ) and or a pattern. So etn app for me is i guess safe.

So there is nothing wrong with extra security it puts people’s minds at rest.

Oh and @Rach if your around the wallet generator does not work on chrome mobile or on mine at least :rofl::rofl:(s10+ android 9.0 pie ) i cannot generate using wallet generator v1.6 either by downloading the zip file or by using the online generator offline.

It seems to only work in desktop mode . So if people dont have that enabled or that information they wont be able to create them.
It does state only available on Google chrome on the page maybe add must be in desktop mode in the browser settings

Neither work and they stay stuck on generate . Thanks…

With a single mobile device it can be a bit of a pain but it is doable. Just remember to enable desktop mode in settings then remove the spaces that appear after copy and pasting the etn address from the pdf.

Any hoo . Good morning all

Happy end of the week day.

Hope you had a good week and all is well . The weekend is just over the horizon so whatever you do have a good one.

Today’s statistics are as follows…


There is no way to predict properly what is coming by only studying the historical records i.e the graphs, simply because one does not know what new events come in to play, do you? That is why I see ( no offence) reading graphs as like tell everything by the flow of the blow, in order to correctly predict movement on the graph one has to be aware of present factors that come into play, that is impossible for things are kept in secret, so tell me how can one know without one important factor of the equation :joy:

Reading the graphs or trying to predict something purely by historical record only is like


Is there a video on how to create a paper wallet for your ETN ? Thanks

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Is today a good news friday? :wink:


lets hope so… :smiley:

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