The Electroneum Bamboo


Sometimes a mere metaphor is what’s necessary for a complex subject to be better understood.


Really good analogy!

Right now Richard and his team are busy watering the little seed - coding instant payments, setting up deals with mobile vendors, doing beta testing, etc.

But once this is all finished Electroneum will have a strong foundation from which to sprout and will growth 30 feet in 3 months!


Good, but I’m not really sure I’ll be able to wait for 8 years until ETN retrieves 1 cent again :slight_smile:
Let’s hope the growth will be quicker. Just a little bit :slight_smile:


His explanations is meant for a real life bamboo tree, here in Crypto world 8yrs is roughly 2yrs that’s how I see it… Secondly the stage in which etn development are, we are close to releasing all of our product live so it means we are close to enduring all the delays in growth… Believe me 2019 is the year that etn will grow 30 metres within 3months…


Thanks for this one @Fibonacci Right now Richard is watering the seeds and i doubt that it might be 8 years but it wouldn’t surprise me either if like @CaricaNk said 2019 or 2020 will already be Golden years for ETN. :sunglasses::rocket: