The ecosystem what is it?


Richard Ells mention several times in the interview with Global coin the ecosystem. ETN is creating a ecosystem for the coin to thrive in and he is a business man that knows money talks, so he couldn’t just create a coin, he is building a ecosystem.

I would like us all to lift some rocks in this thread and try to understand what ETN is all about. BTC is an idea and a T-ford of cryptos, ETN is a BTC lesson learned, where its strength and faults have resulted in the idea of ETN.

KYC was not wanted, but a necessity to build a ecosystem. The KYC function is the tool that open closed doors. Doors that is closed for all the other cryptos are the golden key ETN holds, and it is a ground shaker. So what do we as user need to do? We need to give some details about our self, give the wallet we hold a identity.

Level 1. You can now send and receive 50 euro a month or 150 euro every third month.

Level 2. We need to give some more personal details and the max limit is now 10 000 euro

Level 3. They know more, they own our soul and family…just kidding but we can now move unlimited amounts of ETN all the time.

That KYC docent look bad, just some first time hassle for some users that is not used to do that, we that got a bank account have done this several times already during our lives. Except of the doors that KYC opens it is actually having a function that all free people should love. KYC is fighting money laundering, it is fighting crime, crime that ruins honest people lives. We have read in the news howe N-Korea have used BTC for import and export. Money is politic and we needed to adapt to the world, and then we might be able to change it if we want.

Instant payment the only way to pay. If I pay with cash it is instant, and I cant see any better way of paying then instant. ETN solved that issue and made the coin, ETN is cash. The only problem is if we lack internet connection then ETN is worth nothing it is useless, but in the last interview Richard say they have made a similar thing as Mpesa so we might still pay cash/ETN, if I did understand what he said. That is power, cash is power. If I was to use BTC to fuel my car, the BTC way would be to let some one els to do it, because I would get a nervous breakdown if I had to wait a few hours waiting for my “cash” to show up. I think I prefer ETN and pay with real cash.

Mobile miner is not a miner but free cash sponsored by the ASIC miners, it is great. ETN for the unbanked, we are giving them cash and the miners created them. This must be the best and biggest charity that is ever been done, and it goes where it is most needed. It is not just charity it is also a tool for the unbanked to develop other tools. ETN is giving them a safe place to store cash, it gives them a possibility to buy from the Internet. They can participate financially with the rest of the world and that builds prosperity for all.

If what I wrote above was the only thing ETN did and think about, ETN was not worth as much as it can be, because it is more than 2000 other coins to choose from so why ETN. I can see some spark in the dark, the secret the Richard say so little about the hidden gem in ETN. Richard is a business man and to sell something the buyer must earn a lot more. Now we are coming to the business side of ETN the part that is doing mass adoption real. Masse adoption is not an exchange it is users of ETN. To get all the users we need companies that have users. Richard say he got a huge deals and deals in line, so we have many really good news coming, from the time KYC is live and in the future. He also said that he is building this ecosystem so there is no need for the companies to go from ETN to fiat, he wanted them to use ETN as cash. So howe is actually this ecosystem?

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The Mobile Miner simulator coins were all pre-mined. 8 billion I believe it was.

They were pre-mined along with the investors ICO coins and the team allocation coins.

12.6 bilion coins were pre-mined before the blockchain went live.

ASICS process the transactions to pay out the pre-mined MM coins to MM users, but they don’t create the actual ETN mobile miner coin being disbursed. Eventually the blockchain won’t even be involved in the transfer of pre-mined MM coins to the users, the off blockchain in network system that is currently in development will handle the transaction instantly off chain. Not too hard for a fin-tech KYC compliant Company to do once the code is finished and their systems are scaled to handle it all.

They will also be able to handle Remittance payments instantly off blockchain, and many other transactions too…anything inside their own network.


Pre-Mined Investor, Team, and MM Coins

Team allocation Coins and MM Coins don’t show in Coin Market Caps Circulating supply because …well they aren’t all in circulation yet, but they do exist.


That explains my confusion because i believed a part of every block did go to a pool for ETN mobil miners administered by ETN


Easy to be confused regarding it. I only know because I was paying attention at the time that info was released in bitcoin talk.

I think the investor Coins were 4.3 Billion, Bounty payouts, don’t know. Team coins I think were 21 million, the rest went to MM pool I blelieve.

I think I have it close, if someone else knows different they can chime in.



So I was close from memory. I know somewhere the amounts were broken down more accurately, including team allocated coins, but I don’t recall where I saw that at…most likely the bitcoin talk thread, but which one who knows.