The Desert Island Scenario

Okay you have your phone on a deserted island and you have exactly 2000 ETN. For this exercise you have cell phone access (signal bouncing over the water from somewhere else) and you have three things to buy before you loose your cell signal. You have no other money and you have no one that will come and get you (the stuff is all air dropped)

You have one of the five items below with you already, (you pick which one, but only one)

What will you spend your 2000 ETN on? Which one item will you pick from the list below? Then explain why you picked what you did.

  1. Bottle of 2 litre water
  2. An inflatable Raft half inflated (no pump)
  3. A back pack (nothing in it)
  4. A roll of toilet paper
  5. Two shiny ETN coins