The creation of an Exchange

Electroneum foundation should create an Exchange.
It would be an awesome way to add more utility for Electroneum and increase currency value.

Merging the ideas described in topics:
criar-a-propria-exchange/34104 by user132 and buy-etn-within-the-electroneum-app/9899 by 76172b77ebedb75fbcd8

I’m a long time holder of Electroneum and I like the easy and simple experience of the Electroneum app.
It would be very interesting if Electroneum app could integrate an Exchange, enabling users to:

  • Buy Electroneum and other crypto using international credit cards.
  • Swap coins inside the app with a very user friendly experience, like Pancakeswap, just select pairs, and click swap. Even Binance app lacks a simple way of swapping small amounts.
  • Having low taxes for Exchanges, line 0.1% or less. And could offer a little discount for paying taxes with ETN, just like BNB for Binance.

Yeah its a great idea I agree. Maybe it’s going to happen - hard to say

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