The CRAZY Speculation thread. (Anything Goes!)


THat integration and on the Steam platform… then i sell my wife and kids for ETN


@ETNCEO give this man a job!

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Your family is for sale on Steam? LOL

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My dream job is to be a consultant for ideas some day lol I have no idea where to start with that though, other than maybe gaining a reputation of sorts, and the networking it brings.

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I noticed @gjfrom had some great predictions

Here are my guesses for announcements:

  1. Turk cell partnership - based on the Sistemkoin volume shooting up to #1 out of no where a few days and we have fiat pairings there
  2. Uk retail outlet accepting ETN as payment - Tesco because they have cell top up available, there are ties to the staff, the large volume of ETN/ETH on liquid out of no where a couple months ago and the fiat pairings.
  3. Mvno partnership in South Africa - based on the email that went out gauging interest in a trial for an undisclosed mvno and fiat pairings on Artis Turba
  4. Joytel - demo of what is being offered

And i think we’ll see the full ecosystem explained and demoed.


Damn, @Aironeous going to the next level with his predictions

Guess 1) Well was talking it up a lot on Twitter and then they suddenly went quiet. So I’m going to guess it’s this but there will be some technical crypto first about it. Like scratch off the QR code and another code and you scan that with the app where they’ll be a new thing added that says accept an ETN gift card.

Guess 2) Send and receive through contacts and instant payment system goes live with the first “other coin” Stellar using the system.

Guess 3) There will be a non profit you can donate ETN too that then drops it on the map in your selected country using the aircoins app.

Guess 4) They will release a micro loan website like but you can loan them ETN called electroloaneum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess 5) Virgin galactic will take a satellite into space to act as a relay so we can send ETN from the Moon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess 6) Coinstar’s recent deal with coinme that lets you buy Bitcoin at their Coinstar machines will include being able to buy Electroneum. BTW they’ve stated they were looking for a way to get US customers an easy way to buy ETN for fiat.

Guess 7) Starbucks. I know… I’m just talking crazy now. I need to come back down to earth.:star_struck:

Guess 8) You can say into your iphone or Android “send X amount of ETN to X contact” and it will open the ETN app and bring you to the confirmation screen.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m having fun with this.

Guess 9) A major grocery chain will start accepting ETN (read up about recent disagreements between VISA and Ralphs about the merchant fees and them removing VISA from their accepted form of payment at some locations).

Guess 10) There will be a commercial on TV showing cloud mining on the Apple ETN app and when the person activates the cloud mining a cloud will appear near them and they will lay down on it being gently comforted.

Guess 11) They geocached the silver ETN coins Richard bought around the world in various places along with 50K ETN in a metal box and there will be a treasure hunt with clues to find them.

Guess 12) accepts ETN because it’s fast and low fees and KYC and the whole accounting thing.

Guess 13) There will be an affordable but nice watch that stores ETN.

Guess 14) They finished and release the ETN mining game. (They haven’t talked about that in a long time).

Guess 15) Andreas M. Antonopoulos admits he has some ETN.

Guess 16) You will be able to pay your toll booths somewhere with ETN.

Guess 17) Deadpool does an ETN commercial.

Guess 18) Something that a lot of us are going to complain that “it should of been the Galaxy S10.”

Guess 19) They follow through on the ETN reads mean tweets.

Guess 20) Richard puts on real mining gear and goes and mines some silver and then they melt it down and turn it into the next version silver ETN coin and he auctions off the first 10 for charity.

Guess 21) Electroneum buys the trademark Soon™ from Valve. (Just kidding, you know I appreciate you ETN team, you’ve accomplished a lot).

Guess 22) Msystem buys a lambo with ETN and gets a custom license plate that says, moonsoon - fastest car purchase ever.

Guess 23) One of the crypto apps like revolut, uphold, etc. will let US customers buy ETN with fiat.

Some of these are not serious obviously and I’m just trying to make you laugh.


If there is a way to start, I believe you will be the first one to know.

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@Puddles kicking butt with his predictions.:muscle:

Whatever they are, they couldn’t possibly hold up to all the Hype around here LMAO. I am sure they will (1) launch instant payments full throttle (1) week early
(1) launch partnership with previous announced partner joytel or equivalent

Your welcome!


HODL Squirrel.



I am going to do my best to consolidate most of the predictions in this community.:ok_hand:


I noticed @KarEnTam has one of the predictions that I had. :slight_smile:

my guess something about transaction…you wont have only instant notification, but also transaction…or probably cold storage…Thats my guess :slight_smile:


One interesting thought is based on the partnerships with exchanges which have fiat pairings. Perhaps an in-app integration for simple fiat-ETN conversion. i.e.

  • Users link their exchange account to their Electroneum account.

  • User A posts an amount X ETN they want to sell.

  • App posts that amount just below the last posted amount (by either 0.01 ETN, or by 0.00000001 ETN)

  • User B posts an amount Y they want to buy.

  • App closes sell orders X1, X2, …, Xn until the sum from X1, Xn is equal to Y.

  • Users A and B both show their updated Electroneum amounts in app instantly.

This is obviously simplified for brevity, as there are some other details which are involved, such as User B needing to have some fiat stored in their exchange account for purchasing… Unless the app integration included something like being able to load fiat directly into their exchange account via a Debit card.

In essence, it’s a simplified form of an exchange, but centered around the spot price. No worrying about having your orders being over/undercut, stop loss, etc. The things real users won’t care about.

Oh, and the cool thing is that this would all be practically instant, given enough volume.

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How "crazy " really is crazy.
Take in an episode of Star Trek.
Not too distant reality.


I guess it is a matter of perspective of the reader. :rofl:


I hope this happens.

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This would be amazing if @ETNCEO was in contact with this newly formed group.

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Did anyone notice this article?

ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

That would be awesome


Interesting take on this area.


My guess
1: Samsung partnership ( rumour is it could still be on)
2: partnership with Google fi
3: partnership with Darren’s dollar dazzlers
This is all speculation and please do not take this as financial advice

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