The CRAZY Speculation thread. (Anything Goes!)

One interesting thought is based on the partnerships with exchanges which have fiat pairings. Perhaps an in-app integration for simple fiat-ETN conversion. i.e.

  • Users link their exchange account to their Electroneum account.

  • User A posts an amount X ETN they want to sell.

  • App posts that amount just below the last posted amount (by either 0.01 ETN, or by 0.00000001 ETN)

  • User B posts an amount Y they want to buy.

  • App closes sell orders X1, X2, …, Xn until the sum from X1, Xn is equal to Y.

  • Users A and B both show their updated Electroneum amounts in app instantly.

This is obviously simplified for brevity, as there are some other details which are involved, such as User B needing to have some fiat stored in their exchange account for purchasing… Unless the app integration included something like being able to load fiat directly into their exchange account via a Debit card.

In essence, it’s a simplified form of an exchange, but centered around the spot price. No worrying about having your orders being over/undercut, stop loss, etc. The things real users won’t care about.

Oh, and the cool thing is that this would all be practically instant, given enough volume.

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How "crazy " really is crazy.
Take in an episode of Star Trek.
Not too distant reality.


I guess it is a matter of perspective of the reader. :rofl:


I hope this happens.

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This would be amazing if @ETNCEO was in contact with this newly formed group.

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Did anyone notice this article?

That would be awesome

Interesting take on this area.

My guess
1: Samsung partnership ( rumour is it could still be on)
2: partnership with Google fi
3: partnership with Darren’s dollar dazzlers
This is all speculation and please do not take this as financial advice

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I am going to say Amazon deal then the show will end. Please and Thank you.

See you fellas on the MOON!!! We are using their servers already.

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so your thinking that Richard is going to come strolling on stage arm and arm with this guy huh?


Is he the Make it so guy from Star Trek?:crazy_face:

No silly, this is the guy who by himself is worth more than the entire crypto market combined (137 Billion). He wants to deliver packages to your house via drones after you pay with it via ETN. This is the CRAZY speculation thread is it not?

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I bet if you joined Richard at the stand and sang a bit we’d do pretty well at MWC :slight_smile:

I like the whole Wirex speculation. That would be huge.

Oh, is his name Jeff? I’m sure I’ve heard of him? Jeff Amazon or something?


A dream come true but our future partners would probably pull out and our price would tank! Man, what would i sing?

Jeffery Jorgenson (danish Norwegian). born in New Mexico, Princeton Grad. Somewhere along the line he didn’t like to be the son of Jorge and changed his last name. Came up with his honey hole on a road trip from New York to Seattle. Why cant i make such accomplishments on road trips?

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Didn’t turn out too bad though did it?

What if… Ells is Bezos with a wig on?:thinking: