The cloud mobile miner is rewarding me way more ETN suddenly

I am not sure if a bug was fixed or if they are just giving out more ETN now but I am earning more ETN now than I was a few days ago. It’s possible that the app was bugged and wasn’t showing me what I had earned…

I could also just be mistaken… But from what I have observed it seems like I am earning way more suddenly and I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

Im getting about 2 and change etn every 4 hours.


Yes its all been put back to normal. Which is fantastic

Loving the new rate !!!.



Creates a positive feeling again! Brilliant to see :blush:


Certainly does.



While I had no issue with the throttled payout rate for whatever reason it was happening, becuase it conserved supply. If it makes people happy that it’s back to the way it was, then it’s a good thing I guess.

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It pays to speak up when things are not working well.

@Dngruss - you can probably ask a Moderator for a donation address to send yours back for South African redustribution.

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Lol, I’ve donated thousands of my ETN that I have bought smartazz. I also have donated money to struggling families in the Philippines the last 2 years.

You want to come at someone, you best come correct boy.

And for the record I donate all my mined ETN to my Half Brother who can’t work and barely gets by on SS disabilty and has had health issues since the day he was born.

So… You got anything else to say?

And guess who I plan to help when I take profits out of ETN, yep you guessed it, people other than just myself.


Plus the issue wasn’t SA mining amounts, they’ve been getting over 100 per week as it should be per the plan, ya know having an actual live partnership there. The issue was all others not in in SA being throttled, either by design or part of an app update glitch. That’s what caused the crying all over social media.
I had no issues with it myself, beacuase my view is why burn supply in areas where no partnership exists.

I stand by that view and it’s still my opinion, but ya got to keep the people happy, so w/e. I’m fine if it keeps everyone happy, and doesn’t burn too much supply that could go to the target market in countries they launch new partnerships in. Just means the cloud miner won’t last as long as it could have and will help less in areas of poverty than it could have done over time. But w/e makes everyone happy.

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price down= MORE ETN
ETN @1$ will give you 2-3 ETN p.m

You’ve seen it… It was flagged and removed. I’m happy.

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Actually it was pretty funny, but way out of line, I can appreciate a good slam. I am quite good at that stuff myself. I find it disrespectful to the people I actually did assist through some rough times though.

So w/e you had your fun…woohooo. Good for you. I think you’d have more fun on Reddit, you can talk all kinds of smack there without getting banned.

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Look… It was funny… I had to risk it.

You’ve called me:

  • entitled
  • told me to stfu
  • smartazz
  • boy (very derogatory)
  • azz

All over what…? A discussion we have different opinions on.

That’s the first thing I said back to you.

Now, let’s leave this go and try to be good community members from here on out. Agreed?

How much were those flights b.t.w. and recommend any good hotels?


lol, never been there yet. Hope to visit Cebu some day though.

Oh man if it was you I was arguing with the other day, then yeah. I for sure deserved that slam. I have to admit that…and it was funny to boot.

Reddit crazy haters get me all worked up sometimes and I was in a mood at that time…took it out on you unfairly. My bad, a least you have a sense of humor though, that’s awesome.

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Yeah, I’ll play nice, you made me laugh and seem understanding and forgiving too. I’m a rude idiot sometimes. Especially if I think someone is talking some smack, because I grew up in a time that talking smack got you hurt, ya know before all this internet stuff.

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It is a bit odd that you feel you are an innocent victim, you aren’t totally innocent in our exchanges like you make it out to be, but w/e. I lshould have acted better at any rate.

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Sometimes it will be throttled… sometimes increased. Remember, the purpose of the mobile miner is to incentivise commercial partnerships and vendor adoption, particularly in areas where they will actually USE the coins. This builds an eco system, instead of just a “airdrop being hodl or dumped”.

When ETN push coins into a target like SA, its part of the bigger adoption picture. People need to stop worrying about the few cents of ETN they are, or are not, getting each day and start thinking about further down the line, and what it means for the project overall.

The release rate is at the mercy of the market and demand, demographics important for the project will always have to be prioritised.


That’s my viewpoint too. You just said it better.

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@Dngruss - good stuff, no grudge held.


That’s my stance too. I am aware I can be kind of prickly at times. I admire how you handled the situation too, so we are good.