The boring username club!


A place for those that like their assigned name. :heart: :heart:

Introduce yourself, don't be shy!
Adapting my website to take ETN

You can change it if you want :wink:


Hi, yes. I see you have changed your assigned name. That’s a shame. This is a place for people who want to keep theirs. Please your reply is a bit ‘off topic’ :slight_smile: :wink:


Lol I was trying to change but I couldnt figure it out, so now I’m keeping it haha


The assigned name, a string of random letters and numbers is sooooo unmemorable.

I mean I don’t particularly like to go about getting myself noticed for no good reason but liking and not changing the assigned name… well, that is about as “magnolia” as it gets in this place.

At least something you’re not likely to hear too often “oh yeah, I remember you” :tired_face:


im here, thanks for making this club @8bdfbf2ee89c041f8d28. :wink:


Are you aware that you are all in groups of five numbers?
For example…3babf7 search 3 and only 5 members with a 3 prefix come up.
You are indeed Unique


yes i find my fellow boring namers easy to reference this way… :slight_smile:


Its so hard to reply to you guys or PM you


now lets make one for those of us too dense to change our names. I go to the gear, and USERNAME is all in black. I don’t see an option to change it, which is frustrating because I am usually the guy who helps people with stuff like this online lol


Hi Pahini. We follow each other on Twitter.


my secret name is agent 006.5 is that helpful?


Hey how’s it!
Yep I spotted you there!!