The Bitcoin War


I want to say a few words regarding these threats made by Craig Write and Roger Ver.

Firstly, Craig’s Wrong, he’s wrong to bring Cryptocurrency into disrepute, he is out of line thinking he has a right to speak on behalf of everyone in this space and threaten to destroy what he “claims” is his creation and wipe out proof of stake cryptos and Roger ver needs to get off his high horse and not be such an immature sycophant, he doesn’t need to engage Criag in this egotistical redneck rampage.

ETN has so much integrity in this space and I believe the targeting of our coin is done because people are emotionally withdrawn, lacking in their knowledge and understanding in regard to what Electroneum is trying to achieve. We must lead the pack and show legitimacy, there is a solid foundation under our feet and the platform provided has the strength to support millions upon millions. Why should this be used as a source of contention by others in an attempt to bring ETN down.
Cryptocurrencies need to get out of the gutter, the behavior of Craig Wright and Roger Ver is disappointing and it is playing into the hands of the very organizations which would like to see the back of this space for good. Don’t they realize the fall in price is the institutions wet dream?

I implore all Electroneum affiliates, investors, miners and supporters please, let’s link arms around the camp fire and bring some credibility back into mainstream crypto. We already lead the pack on so many fronts, why not be the most honorable and celebrated, because if something as simple as being trustworthy and reliable is all it takes’ surely it’s worth the effort. I’m sorry if I imply in anything I have said here that alot of peoples efforts aren’t already substantial, I have listened intently to Richard Ells during his interviews over time and Richard has never been drawn into negative discussion about other projects, Richard said he liked Ripple, he said he liked Monero, he has at all times reached and pointed into the wind, sails full ahead is how you get to the mark first. There’s room enough for everyone to succeed, let’s all help each other to keep ETN sharp at both ends.:zap:


Id like to say that Ive read many…if not all of your posts.
I have a great respect for your words and your angle.
"Colourful"in places too.
Thats just the Australian way…well done!


Unlike Australian Politics of course!


That’s classic but unfortunately it’s true.


You get what you give …and I firmly believe thst Scomo will get his.soon.


LOL that is awesome. Sums up australian politics perfectly.


There was another one yesterday in the ABC news thread .
Alice through the looking glass.