The 2020 Fomosapien Space flight to mars club vol 3.; The Electronia is in transit

Yeah, it’s kinda funny how twitter lectured me about proper etiquette basically, then I press the twitter home feed button for the first time ever and I’m bombarded with pornography…and I’m talking dudes stroking their junk, women nude ect ect.

But twitter wants to be my daddy lol.


Good morning electro-knights

It is like this today in the u.k


Windy as :point_up:

So be careful if you have bad weather in your area.

Here are this morning’s statistics

On Tuesday the 4th of February 2020


Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Stay sage and above all

Have a good one






One thing - someone asked RE on the office visit - important for Anytask is how will new sellers get recognised?

Currently we have established sellers populating the site who aren’t all our targets from the developing world.

Even now for logos you start on page 3.

For it to truly work we must a solution for visability or some may give up.

How does this work on other sites?


Questions asked about BugCrowd and HackerOne, questions answered:

:+1: :+1: :+1:


On other platforms, people who don’t have a good history (i.e. a lot of good reviews and examples of work) tend to price their services lower while they get a good reputation. Good reputation = buyer confidence = can charge more.

This is as it should be, as new sellers need to prove themselves as competent and trustworthy…whilst existing loyal long-standing sellers should not be put at a disadvantage. This also has the nice side effect of healthy competition which keeps prices reasonable and brings buyers to the site.

Side note: One other option available in future would be for the team to offer a paid service for sellers. This gives you a higher ranking in searches and would provide the company with an income stream. If done correctly, it doesn’t have an adverse effect on the user experience or make it unfair (as most people filter by price etc anyway). Most sites offer this…i personally think it would be a good step forward one day


Testing…new avatar image. Supposed to look like neon using ETN colors. I made a few others not sure I’ll stick with this or not.


But how will I know who you are without the grumpy cat?!

Just kidding, we know.

Looks good! :+1:


Now this is a point i have had many chats about.

I sell my photographs , landscape , nature etc.

I put pictures up for 10$ , I have a conscience so I asked around and that is the going price for a photo.
I felt bad asking that price , so I dropped to 2$ …

Got told I’m too cheap . Yet no one bought any but plenty of compliments. What do you do … put them up for stupid prices. Drop the price to attract buyers but get told too cheap …

This is where an offer button would be great for me…

I could then put them on for 20$ or make offer . Have that option built in for sellers a tick box … accept offer yes …

Hey I’d take 10c but then i would get called desperate :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just stole mine from Mr. Purkess. (spelling? Sorry if wrong)


There are alot of people I’d imagine including myself that regularly visit the forums as a visitor instead of logging in to follow the chit chat and news. Rest easy compadre. Everything is going fine. There dosent need to be a constant forum flow of a handful of regulars out of the millions of ETN holders that communicate mainly about off topic things that drives price or pushes advancements of the projects. This is just a forum, not the lifeblood of ETN. All is well.


Agreed, I wouldn’t use this forum as a state of the project. It’s going to take time for things to catch on and be adopted. It’s not a quick process changing people’s habits. It’ll all come. This is not the TA thread, but the recent dip was a healthy test of support after breaking a long downtrend. In no way am I concerned on price. That is looking very healthy with a lot of bullish indicators. But we’ll see what happens because volume remains low…hopefully a major exchange or two will help with that at some point.


Good morning electro-knights …

It is Wednesday 5th January 2020.

Here are this morning’s statistics…


Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Stay safe and above all stay happy …
Short and sweet today I need coffee.

Have a good one


What a beautiful sky



Put your suggestions into the feedback form on the forum Plank if you haven’t already. I also noticed that AnyTask just shows the price on the Task info, whereas if memory serves me right, fivver etc says “starting from….”. Small psychological difference but might help your situation. Again, drop the feedback into the form :+1:


When do you guys think the new users from Cambodia will come in?


I asked for this in the first beta round. But I’ve done it again with your input

Thanks @BegaMutex


Hopefully they already have.

It’s up to the team to release numbers. Hopefully we get the information soon.

Would be great to find out how its going over there


Strange on how the rewards/miners haven’t moved at all since going live in Cambodia.

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