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Just my opinion on anytask payments.

Also Posted on the feedback questionaire:

I would suggest that the seller gets to choose how he wants his etn funds to be cashed out or sent to him, either via his etn address as current or to convert his etn to btc and sent to his btc wallet or to convert back to fiat to their registered CC or via bank transfer. This will have many more sellers interested in anytask instead of Fiverr or similiar freelance sites, as not many people are fimiliar with the off boarding process of converting their etn to fiat to spend or pay bills at places, etc that does not yet accept etn as means of payment

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Eya ! Ci ci ci


I’m seeing more new tasks today, I wonder how many sellers they are going to have for this round of beta :thinking:


They said 400 sellers :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you sir!

I wonder if they will add a live count of registered buyers and sellers sort of like the website has :thinking:


Ok you creative lot…

Electroneum would like your help…

Can you make amazing gifs… if so



I thought you’d be all over this @Plankton??


I’ve put an idea in but i can’t make it.

I have a few ideas I don’t have the know how or equipment to make them. There are people with far better programs than me out there.

Besides aren’t you sick of seeing my daft images yet :joy::joy::joy::joy:



They brighten up my day looking for the plankton in the pictures while I read the forum at work :slight_smile:


I cant make visuals, but I like the phrase
‘Anywhere, Any time, Anytask
Monetize your skills with no fees’


I’m waiting to be able to buy a “Where’s Plankton?” digital book on the AnyTask site…



There maybe a copyright in that somewhere lol


Put it in the link :+1::+1::+1:

I like it :clap::clap::clap:


Had to do the example before i could goto sleep it was bugging me :joy::joy::joy:

When I post some gifs on here they go small so i have to tweet to get them big. Strange.


Latest email from Richard:

Hi Everyone!

This is my first Electroneum community update of 2020. I’m excited to let you know that AnyTask is now live – this is a GROUNDBREAKING and hugely important development for the whole cryptocurrency community – but it’s powered by ETN.

1. AnyTask platform is now live for buyers/first sellers

2. ETN Blockchain tools update

1. AnyTask Platform (exciting for ALL ETN users) is open for buyers – and we’ve invited a few hundred sellers to start listing tasks!

You might have heard me talking about – we’ve had an AWESOME team developing it for over 18 months. AnyTask is a freelancer platform – similar to Fiverr or Upwork, which allows people to sell their digital skills anywhere in the world.

It’s SO easy to log in to AnyTask if you are an Electroneum App user. Simply click the bottom “MORE” menu button and then the AnyTask Login. Our cool Single Sign-On (SSO) system handles the rest so you don’t need to create a separate password.

AnyTask is a world first. Buyers pay with a standard credit / debit card and Sellers get their remittance in ETN.

Why is ETN remittance so important?

A huge number of people (over a billion) have a smartphone but no bank account. Even if they DID have a bank account, it would not solve the problem. Why? What is the problem? Imagine someone edits a photograph to enhance a treasured wedding picture or makes a stop-frame animation for a company’s social media account. Both of these tasks can be accomplished very simply just by owning a smartphone, but how would you get 4 dollars to Nigeria or Indonesia, or anywhere else? A bank would charge many times that amount to make the transfer.

Electroneum solves that problem by enabling the transfer of small values anywhere in the world at virtually zero cost.

We will be inviting more sellers on to the platform in stages over the next couple of weeks. Once we’ve invited in our full 27,000 initial interest buyers (who applied to be BETA testers) we will then open the platform up for general use by all Electroneum users.

Remember, AnyTask is live to buy from – you can buy any listed task right now, with just your normal credit or debit card!

Finding Buyers

Once we have a nice broad stock of tasks on the platform, we will start paid advertising on social media to attract task buyers. Reaching out around the world to digital agencies, etc.

We have a handful of short digital ads ready to deploy – why not log in to our community forum to take a look. If you have any ideas – feel free to let us know and you might see your idea in a future ad.

Would you like to sell digital services on AnyTask?

It won’t be long before it’s open to the general public to sell (we are aiming for March 2020). We have a few weeks of sellers coming on board by invitation only while we finish debugging and organise 24 hours 7 days per week support, enabling tasks to be approved throughout the night and at weekends. If you would like to be one of the first to be invited, you can still register on our beta application. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the website under “Become a Seller”.

2020 is going to be very exciting for Electroneum – we now have a world first, enterprise-grade platform that is powered by ETN. This is a real-world use case for cryptocurrency and unlocks lots and lots of opportunities for Electroneum in partnerships and our promotion by global NGOs.

2. ETN Blockchain / Ledger Development (exciting for advanced ETN users)

We are pleased to announce we have also just released some exciting updates and improvements to our blockchain network.

Our everyday APP users do not need to worry about this – it will not affect them in any way.

We are developing the ability for people to store their ETN on the popular Ledger cold storage device. It required some changes to our blockchain code – but nothing that required a fork.

The update has given the exchanges some stability and feature enhancements as well, and we will be contacting our exchanges to let them know an update is available.


If you are an ETN command line user (such as an Exchange), even though the update isn’t mandatory, we highly recommend it to ensure the best performance, security and to take advantage of the latest features.

Please click here to download the latest softwareavailable from our Github library.

So, what does this blockchain update mean for you?

I repeat - if you are an Electroneum app user, there is no need to take action.

In preparation for the arrival of Ledger Nano cold crypto wallet, we have included the base code required for the ledger development and some of our work on top.

We have introduced bug fixes and security patches for increased protection to our users. Improved wallet refresh times have also been included.

A new sub-address & wallet account feature will now allow you to create multiple addresses using the same wallet private key. You will have the option to create as many sub-addresses as you wish and group them into accounts, which will enable better administration of your ETN.

A new Multisig message system will now be available. This acts to coordinate multi-signing of messages by messaging remote participants and requesting signatures on transactions. It will also remind them where necessary and relay completed transactions to the network.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and being part of Electroneum.

Have a great week everyone!

Richard Ells

Founder & CEO, Electroneum


Let it be known that plankton and 3babs are believed to be the first ever post beta live launch users to complete and finalise a purchase / sale.

Much luv… :shushing_face::blush::wink:


Good morning electro-knights

It is Thursday the 30th of January 2020

Here are this morning’s statistics.


Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Stay safe and above all stay happy… it’s friday tomorrow
Woooooo hooooooo



Why decentralization is necessary.

I hope we get something like a decentralized app store for only Blockchain apps.
Would be cool.


Excellent answers from richard…


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