The 2020 Fomosapien Space flight to mars club vol 3.; The Electronia is in transit

Okey dokey. I have no idea then. Thanks for the clarification.


I don’t think any of us really know why. It’s starting to get depressing…

I am very diversified in my crypto investments but it still is very irritating to see an amazing project continue to lose monetary value. I hope the tides turn and turn in an explosive fashion.

The people mentally and physically invested in the ETN project deserve it.


Typical short terms views of people when you look at the potential upside percentage gain of BTC compared with the potential upside percentage gain of ETN.

People think it’s so long since we pumped that we must never pump… therefore we must be due for a pump. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hope you’re right :slight_smile:

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Well, I’ve gone on record several times as not being a fan of pumpiness, however some sign of relative strength, in a mature, stately and unexcitable manner, would be nice at this point just to show we can still do it.

People should remember those imminent boots on the ground in China, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong before they dump, but whatever if that’s what they want to do I suppose I can be persuaded to pile a bit more on the hodlwagon if they come and play with me on Tradeogre. :cowboy_hat_face:


I don’t get the stress. When we rise on our own news, people are like ‘‘awesome, we do our own thing regardless of BTC’’ But when we don’t pump with BTC, people start the poopcoin talk. As far as I am concerned, we sat at .0036 for months, and we are up from there, and the rolling out of ETN is in it’s infancy. If we sink much below ATL, wake me up, and I might pay attention. I am not worried for at least 2 years.


FYI @Sk8Monkey , lots of things can trigger post verification. Sometimes its content, but it also will pick at random sometimes as well. So don’t worry, keep your messages on topic and clean and it will always be OK’d by the admins. :+1:


For anyone, anywhere, considering giving AnyTask a try, but not sure if they can:

I figure for every one person who publicly say they can’t, there can easily be 10 who never speak up.

Not calling you out, hoping to inspire. :grin:


I’m in the US and i have services i could sell on AnyTask but i have some concerns about tax issues.
I use Bitcoin taxes for reporting trades for my tax return but I’m wondering how would i report the ETN earned through AnyTask. anyone have any thoughts on the tax issue?


Reason for the downside is due that we weren’t at 0.0036-38.
Seems we are quite literally glued to .0036-38 :frowning:

Jokes aside though, probably what happens always when BTC gets a leg-up. People go back to the big dog, just to see it drop in value as their sold project gains value again. Never ending cycle.


I don’t know why people are worried about the price.
Back in 2014 i was looking at xrp.
price was like 0.003 usd but by the time i wanted to invest it raised to 0.005 usd and i got mad couse i missed a nice profit and i decided not to buy a single xrp.
Fast forward to 2018 and xrp was over 3 usd.
I didn’t believe that xrp will be able to reach 0.1 usd not to mention 3 bucks
So for me the price of etn is great.


Good way of thinking. You cheered me up a bit. Thanks :slight_smile:


I agree with you 100%, I would love to see the price start to go up but at the end of the day I’m convinced that the price will go up. Hopefully this year but I’ve been saying that for quite a while now. I’m sure at some point we will all be happy we got in when we did…


I’m loving Mint’s latest Youtube video going through Mr Ancuna’s recent post.

The marketing to the 1% and the on-the-ground stuff in wealthier Asian countries looks like a push for buyers.

Now we have products built and launched we should be an attractive proposition.

Good News Friday anyone?


I’ll admit, I have no idea what the tax implications are for selling a task and receiving ETN… Something I’ve also wondered about. Is the act of “USD” for ETN to exchange for a service a “taxable event?” How does that effect the target creator market in developing regions? Is it even an issue for them?

Something I hope is clarified as the year progresses. More or less by our own government.

What I also want to know is how long before the states want their cut in the form of sales tax? Used to be you didn’t pay it on ebay, Amazon, etc.

Hopefully, Electroneum will convince the SEC that it is not a security (as Olivier mentioned), that should help with some of this.


“I’m loving Mint’s latest Youtube video going through Mr Ancuna’s recent post”… what video are you talking about? :thinking:

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Somebody bought ETN to 47 sats on HitBTC :thinking:


that’s cool but also probably short lived

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Over 50 now but on how much volume… very little!

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