The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

"I get the focus on walking the line on the path to regulation. But I believe the caution has become too extreme.

Lawyers are funny animals- they can be overly cautious and at the same time they can find some amazing, Unfathomable ways to walk around a landmine."

Well expressed! I have the same kind of thoughts for some time now.
If you ask me, the supply plays one keyrole in all of of this. The supply is simply to high. If there is any chance of reducing the supply, I would love to see ETN considering it. I mean, even Binance and Stellar a doing coinburns regulary. But on the other hand, I totaly agreee with RE when he says, coinburns could make the empression of shadyness…

Like I said before, I dont see the price increasing due to the weak coin performance in the past…

peace out


Speaking of demand




Have a good one.

Enjoy the little things never give up.



Thank you @Plankton for the stats everyday you do an amazing job!!!


@Jonathan I see that @TanyaElectroneum is no longer with us ! May we know who will lead AnyTask?

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Where did you see this?

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Electroneum site team. She works for Tiga now. Linkedin.

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The video game trade organization?

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No. 20 charrrrrrrdddddd

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Not concerned with supply,

XRP (ripple) is just fine with 45 billion circulating/ 99.9billion fully available supply(most in the organization pocket that they can drop whenever they want)

ADA (cardano)is doing great and has 31 billion circulating with
45 billion total supply

XLM (Stellar) is living it up and has 21 billion circulating with 50 billion supply

Supply isn’t the issue.


What the hell now? Did anyone just get an email about uploaded documents being out of date with current compliance? Thought it be a scam email so didn’t click the link in it so logged in to ETN site instead… pretty much locked out unless I redo Level 3 again… NO explanation of what is wrong with current document, so no way of knowing if a replacement will be any better? Is it just out of date? Or some other info missing?

Ooooh, run of the mill marketing company,
would have been quite interesting if it was the gaming organization…

I did not… what you mean we have to supply documents for Level 3?

I just log in and all is fine


I already supplied the document, but they are saying they have looked at it again and they don’t like it.

But they don’t say what is wrong with it.

It is a very uninformative and unhelpful communication.

Don’t need it on a Monday morning when I’m already on edge from other stuff.

But what is wrong… you can’t log in to your account or what? Because I just logged and all is working fine

Yes that’s because you haven’t been asked to replace documents. I can log in but can’t go any further because of a big message saying my documents are not valid.

I just wondered if anyone else who has Level 3 had got the same thing today.

Just as well I wasn’t planning to make a transfer today, thanks to this coming out of the blue.

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All is good on my end.

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They should look at how the high street banks communicate with customers, in a clear way, saying exactly what is wrong and why, and exactly what is required to make it better… so it was OK yesterday but it’s not OK today… something they did wrong, or me?

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