The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

Is this the instant crypto exchange?


Cool, playing around with different pairs now:


I don’t believe so as this exchange has been on Electroneum’s list of exchanges for awhile now.

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Here’s the stats

Heres the motivation

Have a Tremendous Tuesday
Or taco :taco: Tuesday :grin:



Hi @B.F.A how are you, missing your analysis at this time, where we are heading,

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Hi and THX… i am not sure where we are heading timewise, but i look at the movements in the market and are enjoying it… it is times like this when we are heading in the late accumulation phase and when all moonboys have bean in the mouth of the bear for a while and are exhausted the different on a investor and a moon boys are shown… I have bean expected positive price movements for ETN a loong time now, but i still learn since this is a new market and ETN are doing things different compare to most coins. KYC/AML have punished ETN a lot price wise and kept a lot of washtraders out of ETN so we get a penalty in trade volume. But things like that keeps me sleep better in the night and look at this market white hope.

Look at this is so great to see, it is actual work being done.

And many more things to add to show the real work in a real world. Got so much more i will like to show, but i am on Holiday so i most observe and takes notes… Happy Days


I’m not that optimistic right now to be honest because we moved from this

to this

At least AnyTask is getting some traction.
Just passed 3600 montly searches last month


Thanks @B.F.A @s7ryker

Enjoy your holiday @B.F.A


That a bit sad… agree with that… something need to be done for sure to get people excited about ETN again… :crossed_fingers: … I know if the price shut up… all people will be back… in my opinion we need a few BIG players (recognised companies join us)… Hope we get some soon :facepunch:


Well I’ve never been so excited for the future of ETN as I am now.
Everything is in place and ready to grow.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the team for all your hard work and im so proud to be a part of this wonderful project…
ETN will be huge soon as more and more people take notice and use the coin. The investors will come in large numbers and im convinced we will be a top 10 coin in 2021.
Very exciting times ahead :grinning:


you’re new here - it’ll pass :smiley:
seriously we’re all a bit battle-worn I think and just want to see some action/results for all this work getting ‘users’.

No doubt ETN deserves to be bigger… soon… sooon.


The rewards will come absolutely no doubt.
The foundations have been laid and the building commences.
New users and investors will come and create a snowball effect.
I predict in 12 months time ETN will be massive and easily in the top 10 on coin index.
We just need a little more patience before we see the fruits.


… and you still at work and don’t have time to post your TA charts? :joy::joy::joy::wink:


No need for charts noonelikesus with the hard work and dedication our founding father Richard and his team have put in over the past couple of years its obviously going to be a huge success.
The only problem we will all have in 12 months time is what colour lambo to buy :+1::+1::+1:

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If that’s the case it will be wrapped in ETN!!!

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@Zero7 isn’t new, it’s the same Zero7 who had a melt down last year and said they sold their ETN as they had some sort of inside info on something that was about to happen.

The current @Zero7 doesn’t seem like the same person, same account but seems totally different.


Anytask was never going to be some instant overnight success. I think I mentioned before it launched that it would probably take 6 months minimum to gain any real traction. The thing is it takes time to get the word out to a new market, about a new venture. Sure those already involved in crypto and/or freelance gig work will find out about it sooner than the average person.

Then there is also the challenge of marketing to a dual audience to attract both buyers and sellers. Ideally you’d want to be able to reach both with the same add, but that isn’t really realistic in most instances at least IMO it is not easy to effectively reach both in one shot in one place.

Then when the msg does reach someone who has interest in becoming a seller or freelance worker, they aren’t always able to take advantage of the opportunity right away, either they don’t yet have the skills required or anything other than a basic phone, if even a smart phone.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t try to figure out a way to participate down the road, by either gaining some skills or some better equipment. In fact some will figure out a way and give it a go as soon as they are able to since they now know there is new opportunity in front of them.

That’s where we have to have a little patience, have to let those that need time to figure things out on how to proceed, just know that in time many will and it will grow in both sellers and users over time.

It needs time to gain some momentum, just have faith that it will…and lives will be changed while it does grow.


As an addition to your statement @Dngruss I definitely remember talk of micro loans for perhaps netbooks/laptops being mentioned in target areas some time ago, hand in hand with TaskSchool this would be an impressive advancement for the adoption of AnyTask. Rome was not built in a day. :+1:t3::grin:


Yeah, speaking of that, possibly that is a part of the pilot program Richard was talking about in the recent AMA session about the NGO guy working on in a couple of key areas that Richard couldn’t or wouldn’t elaborate on.

He said something to the effect that some of the billions of unused rewards could be used in a situation such as that.


Yep, so (and I’m not saying we are right about this), the war chest is full and available to push the project in any way the company choose.

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