The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

Anyone know if RE is OK? Long time haven’t seen anything from him… really unusual thing… in the past he was all over the news, interviews, events etc… now long time not showing at all


He is supposed to attend an event in March. He has been quiet lately.
Hopefully he is avoiding the camera because some really big stuff is in the works and he knows he is physically unable to contain himself in an interview.


This is some True words right there. Though Im not smart enough to 100% confirm for the past years any other company then tesla. From the grund and up,
New platform
New factory design
New software

But I believe ETN is in the fields of doing the work. IMO

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check out a new ARK project called Marketsquare which is a hub for blockchain projects. Specifically there is a new place to buy sell NFT’s

I sent this over to the team as well - might be a nice tie in with anytask


I need to do more reading to understand this whole thing even further i think.


I made a thread for NFT’s. The relatively new market of NFT's and how we can use them - #37 by Aironeous



Have a good one…

Stay safe


Good morning everyone, I thought I’d let you know I’m in the US and have had
an Uphold account for a couple years, it’s a good exchange. Also, as mentioned
they do have a crypto card on the way which would be awesome for ETN users if
we can get on there.

So, too confirm they do absolutely accept US based users.


I have been an ETN user since 2018. I can’t access my wallet right now because of KYC. My large ETN balance is in my wallet. ETN system is broken. It asks me to upload documents but won’t let me upload documents. Support was not helpful, no one helped. The people around me say I am being defrauded.

Yeah you shouldnt use the app of which the whole system is built upon.
Not my words, no one in the team nor community can recommend the app :rofl:
You should have used gui/cli or Waited til 2035 when ledger is launched because the app is not designed to be used.

Sorry to hear.


Try from your PC instead of the phone app, if that doesn’t work, then open a support ticket.

There’s a thread here about KYC issues and one on reddit with tips.

You’re not being defrauded, they just applied for FCA registration…sheesh.

I think it was actually the FCA audit that triggered some accounts that they wanted to see provide new KYC docs.

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real helpful thee winky. Sheesh you can be a real jerk sometimes, And yet you claim to be a big ETN supporter, cybil.

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Guess it depends on what side of the bed you wake up on whether or not you support ETN and Anytask huh?

I tried all of them. did not happen. i tried iphone S6da chrome, mozila, safari scanner. i tried windows 7. i tried windows 10. I tried chrome, mozila, explorer in windows 10. did not happen. I changed the format of the documents. it did not happen again. I sent support mail. they don’t acknowledge the problem. they do not help.

This is what everyone says, but if i say it its not ok?
I say it so that something Will be done to make the app the main wallet. That is my mission of these “bad” comments. I know they are far overdramatic,
But if the app Will not be the main recommended wallet i Will be very sad.

I am sorry if it is triggering, but atleast then i am getting through.
The only thing i have negative is The wallet system. It SHOULD be recommended, it really should.

Its really no point for me to continiously spread all amazing known facts repeatedly around the ecosystem because i simply think everyone here is already very well aware of all the amazings.

The app must be improved to where it is recommended. IMO


Support has accepted documents submitted to them in tickets before. If they are not offering this in the support ticket you opened at then escalate. You say you emailed support. This was after the ticket was opened?
Did you email Olivier?
You will want to have your ticket number and a good description of the problem.
There is not much we can do for you here on the forum. Good luck.


Support I sent documents 2-3 times. did not accept the documents. He said we are not interested in documents. I emailed Oliviere too. I also sent documents to oliviere. He was interested. but it couldn’t help.

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Sorry to hear that. It’s been said on here that it can take up to 10 days for support to get to a ticket because they’ve been kind of swamped with this new KYC issue.

I don’t know, all I can suggest is try to give it a little more time for them to respond back. I know it sucks and is probably a bit stressful for you. But you aren’t being scammed out of your ETN.

It for sure sucks if you needed access right now to your ETN.


Okay fair enough man, sometimes I’m not sure where you are coming from.


support ticket answered me. He said we are not interested in documents. Thank you for your interest.

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