The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

It seems community is not engaged at this time with electroneum, also Electroneum team very silent,I am just waiting for a push in positive direction

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Can someone please tell me where can I found how much traffic coming to @BegaMutex @Plankton



Love the updates here. Gives an insight to the behind the scenes of the team.
Absolutely fantastic… :iphone::zap::+1::ok_hand::handshake:


At some point the ecosystem will start pushing the price up and then investors will come and buy the coins on the exchanges and create volatility and a great environment for trading. But i have bean thinking for a long time what will create the best situation for me, of course i want us to moon so i can be a filthy rich sugar dad or something. Butt i want more, i have started to like ETN in a hole different way then i did when i first bought. Now i just want to use my ETN as coin just as normal fiat…I want my ETN on a VISA card and operate like i do with my normal bank… I want ETN to be my banking solution in Norway to, i want to use it to pay my bills and pay in the shop, i want my income to go directly in to ETN… so i hope ETN are doing that job :slight_smile:


Am I correct?.. this news letter will come every week from now? I think I see that message on Twitter… :thinking: anyone could confirm that?


Yes . This is correct.



“I am delighted to share an @electroneum company update, to which I am committing to publishing once a week. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts.”


Yes… That is what I was up to. Thanks. Btw… it is great idea

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Here’s the stats.


Have a wonderful weekend.


The ETN paid to sellers on AnyTask is purchased from the open market. Thus it has Zero net negative effect on demand… infact quite the opposite.

100% is purchased from the open market, then 100% or less makes its way back to the open market (some will be held, some will be lost, some will be converted to fiat, some used on other parts of the eco system like top-ups or buying things… ALL of it will be in status as it travels around the eco system)… so only positive effects on liquidity and supply vs demand.


Wellp no ETN again. :frowning:
So all these coins are regulated more then us for US trading and listing? I find that extremely hard to believe.
What are we waiting for, seriously?


Thats the million dollar question.
The excuse atm is we need that legal paper Thats taking forever to be made by lawyers.

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Obviously though, those papers aren’t needed? Or what am I missing? Are every other coin more regulated then us now?
Haven’t paid attention to the broad altcoin scenery so perhaps everyone have ran past us in maybe the most important lead we had, which would be regulation?
Or is the fact as simple as they WON’T list us? Though, I find that even more hard to believe than above…?
I’m seriously confused.


So, just to clarify, once and for all, this circuit is entirely separate from the phone top ups one? As many of us speculated a while ago that top up money directly paid AnyTask sellers. So it is a different 3rd party? (with the AnyTask 3rd party maybe being AnyTask Ltd itself?)


You don’t choose if you’d like to list your crypto assest or token on coinbase, they choose what they want to list, the token or crypto being regulated has nothing to do with anything as far as I can tell. Coinbase is regulated, so that covers that.

Plain and simple ETN is not going to risk their project’s stability without proper legal docs before playing in the US exchange market.

Electroneum isn’t your average crypto geek boy community club crypto…it’s an entire eco system that also happens to be a self contained digital payments system.

If they say they are working on being able to list safely on USA exchanges then it is FACT, so why stress about it?

And then even when they have all their ducks in a row, it may come down to volume whether or not any big exchange wants to list us or not.

We will have our day…one day things will start going our way and what will help that day along will be FCA registration, combined with KYC/AML and a legal doc stating we aren’t a security in the US market.


Yes I understand that, but since coinbase is regulated it shouldn’t risk projects stability? wether we have a paper or not, since the exchange is legit. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we be (unlisted) on EVERY exchange til we get that paper then? Because the ones we have been listed on, (without) paper, are far, far worse then for an example Coinbase.
I see your point, but it is flawed IMO.

I’m not talking soley about Coinbase. There is other exchanges the team could on their own hand contact.
Also the team (can) contact coinbase.

I’m just wondering, as it won’t matter wether we have that paper or not since coinbase in it’s whole is regulated. And also one of the more trusted exchanges in the world.
Yet we continue pursuing listings on some pump and dump exchanges filled with botswarms that DEFINITELY have risked projects stability.

Either we list on exchanges with paper, or we don’t list on ANY exchanges til paper is due.

I just personally don’t see a reason for why we are dragging this process out for these extreme lenghty times.
IMO it is far worse dragging this process out for this tremendous amount of time, then to just get it done and over.

If we can list on these different out of US exchanges left and right without any concern what so ever about stability, it would be fairly safe to assume we can list on US exchanges aswell.? Or what am I missing?

PS: I’m just trying to understand. I know we are waiting for papers, but they are quite literally irrelevant?


I get it though Winky, it is sometimes a bit frustrating that we seem to get snubbed a lot by exchanges that are popular and have lots of trading volume.

I think the paper is exclusive for the USA market, since it’s highly regulated and they just want to make sure ETN isn’t considered a security.

I think what has held us back is the crypto purists dismissing us because we aren’t decentralized and also some exchanges may shy away because we just don’t have volume that gets them excited, combined with crypto snobbery and maybe we aren’t easy to integrate…maybe that’s changed now.

What I meant earlier about the payment system is that puts us in another category than the average run of the mill crypto project, when you talk about the US market. At least that’s how I see it. And here you don’t deal with just the Fed regulation, it’s every state and their own regs. If it looks like money transfer or pseudo banking, then it’s a slippery slope IMO.

But anyway, no I don’t think a paper stating ETN is not a security is irrelevant , it’s important IMO. The US market is no place to mess around in when you are a business with something to lose.


Valid points, and I agree. I understand fully that the paper is going to be fundamentally important in the future. Anyhow, from what I understand the paper should be done just about anytime now, within month(s).
Definitely agree with that probably many are not really into listing us due to our low traffic.
Hence why we need to start somewhere :smiley:

I think we are “easily” integrated now, I think that was updated a while back with some fork, or if it was a cold update so that part should have been taken care of.

Aah si then I understand what you meant we are definitely another category, that’s why I’m so, well annoyed that these random rank 2000 (staking) coins gets listed left and right on every other global #1 exchange.

Obviously though, eventually we will have the paper and from that point on I guess we will be seeing some new exchanges in a fairly rapid schedule probably.

Your words actually helped me a bit on the road, eventhough I already was aware of basically exactly what you’re saying.
But sometimes, we need a helpful remainder to get back on paths again.

The reason for why I’m also a little spongy is because I want to change apps and never ever visit them again, I don’t feel safe you know! :slight_smile:


It’s cool Winky, I could tell you are a little grumpy and I don’t blame you for that, sometimes it seems things are moving slowly, but we are still making progress.

I truly believe that one day we will be known by all in every corner of the world. When that day comes is anyone’s guess. I think once it starts rolling it will happen quickly.

I’m still betting on cross border personal remittance playing a huge part in adoption at some point…just need the fiat on and off ramps or an existing remittance biz to integrate us into their system. Eliminating fees might help in that area. Maybe that gives them a big enough cushion to make fluctuations in value tolerable If they can charge $3 - $5 or maybe even less in fees to send a transfer that costs them zero fees to send, then maybe it’s all the sudden more attractive a proposition.

At least I think that’s what Richard said, they will be eliminating fees on transfers that occur within the wallet to wallet system. So that seems to open new doors for remittance possibilities IMO.

But then fees were already stupid low, so who knows.

Yeah, I despise using financial apps on my phone, or downloading apps I have no idea what’s going on, what info they are gathering and sharing.

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