The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

Just made an order using the free voucher. I’ve asked them to make a logo written from a ball of wall and maybe add some crochet needles in there somewhere, if they can.


Great! :+1: Please do share with me your thoughts on the experience!



Never give up
Never give in.

You never know what is around corner . Life is full of little surprises , some good some bad .

Take each day and run with it.

Have a great one



They can’t do it, so I’ll ask another.

“Im sorry, I just realized I cant make a text coming out of a wool. cause I only make like flat graphic Designs”.

Would love to see some AnyTask stats, number of completed tasks and/or amount of ETN/fiat paid.

ditto for ETN Everywhere, number of transactions and value, all very well saying how many merchants are listed but fairly meaningless if they aren’t selling anything in ETN.

Also you need a new pair of jeans.

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Similar question asked in thread above. Looks like statistics are planned. That’s top-ups but I’m sure it can/will extend to other areas like AT & ETNE.

One thing I will say, makes sense if it comes later as I suspect it will be a bit more involved when it comes to the instant payment system (ETNEverywhere) and AnyTasks as they would have to be careful what information they release. It’s linked to companies revenue… Certainly can happen, but my guess would be that not as simple as Topups.


Hahahahaha . 90’s jeans are back in fashion , this oldie is trendy again.


I thought 70s hair was back in fashion but amazing how many people got a haircut despite the lockdown.

As for the 90s, they seem like about five minutes ago and best forgotten…

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Thanks, yes I think they will be useful stats to have, without giving away info on individual sellers businesses. On AnyTask you can get a good idea of that in the reviews anyway, but there’s nothing on the site that gives an overall picture. Just something like “300 tasks completed this month” or a cumulative total would be nice, then we’d all know how it was going. Likewise ETN Everywhere, “300 merchant sales this month” etc, don’t need to know where they are or the individual value of each sale… info like the Brazil/Turkey/Nigeria thing is a nice extra snippet of gen, more like the icing on the cake rather than the main ingredients.

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Good morning Electroneum Community…

Just quick stats this morning …

Car troubles…

Catch you all later…

Electroneum Price $0.00513828
Market Cap $52,117,393
Market Cap Dominance 0.02%
Trading Volume $745,832
Volume / Market Cap 0.0143
24h Low / 24h High $0.00506133 / $0.00567915
7d Low / 7d High $0.00551008 / $0.00616893
Market Cap Rank #106

Have a great day


Just made the mistake of reading the Twitter comments again. Still the same old names I see, commenting negative crap on every Twitter post about electroneum.

They must be getting paid. How else could they be so militant about it, on every post nearly, for all this time?


Have a fantastic day… gonna thunder later

Love a good storm.


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@Digitspin_Crypto has released a new crypto website

Looks amazing.

Go check it out. Top right :ok_hand:



Have a fantastic Friday

Have a great one…



Are we expecting any news today? I note the line on the block speak podcast “Trust us… it’s going to be a good one!”.

Or am I on the hopium again :relaxed:

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Are we expecting any news today?

I don’t believe so, no.

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Sorry, not listening :hear_no_evil: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Podcast has been uploaded -

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