The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

On Yavin talks to a “CEO” scammer. Funny!

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Would you care to expand on why it is big deal?

This is pretty self explanatory if you know who On Yavin is, but I’ll gift wrap the answer in the event people don’t know who he is.

Imagine being invested in a start up company that has done nothing but progress and meet goals. Yet, despite the progress that company has a FUD following that calls it nothing but a scam. What is a company to do to quell the unwarranted negativity (aside from continue to progress)?

Answer: invite the most trusted third party scam hunter in the world to do a full investigation and publish a report on everything they find. Enter; Cointelligence and their CEO On Yavin.

Now imagine this trusted third party not only does an investigation and publishes a favorable report for all the FUDers to review (this would typically be the end of such a relationship), but that trusted third party scam hunting company JOINS forces with the company they reviewed.

Now, it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to understand what a big deal this is in terms of not only legitimizing every claim the startup has made and their transparency, but it also provides a template for other start ups to follow…some would say it creates a standard in the industry.

Now…with all that said, I don’t know what this partnership will entail in terms of on going mutual benefits…but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is Electroneum has now been proven by the leading trusted third party authority in hunting scams to be everything they say they are and claim.

Fudders literally have nothing to fall back on except personal perspectives that have no real world bearing on anything.

That’s why it’s a big deal.





Would you join in with a t-shirt design competition ???


For me Mr. Yavin has been unknown sofar and if most of the people don’t know him then his review is not much worth. Some data would be nice to know:
Since when he’s doing company reviews?
How many companies he reviewed sofar?
How many of those survived?
Who are Yavin’s competitors?
How do those other checker companies compare to Yavin’s?
Who is the biggest name on this comparison field?

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I certainly understand that and it’s certainly something that can be researched by anyone.

Anyone wanting to know more about Cointelligence is more than welcome to visit their website as well as their company (and individual) Linked in profiles to start. They also have a youtube channel with some good educational videos on it.

To be quite frank organized scam hunting is still new. Cointelligence has only been around since 2017. I’m sure there are plenty of scam hunters out there, but none are as nearly organized in an official capacity like Cointelligence which is why they are the trusted leader in the space. They are legitimate as they come.

At the end of the day, if people are not going to believe anything they (Cointelligence) publish and are unwilling to research the source, then there isn’t much to say because those people are (and will remain) ignorant and their opinion changes nothing. The information is out there for all to see. People’s opinion don’t really matter because opinions without knowledge are like buttholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. :slight_smile:


I checked his linkedin profile. He’s bachelor of law education. He is a marketer. Works at many companies. Wrote several reviews, essays. I tried to search "On Yavin vs " - nothing meaningful came. I tried to search “best scum hunter companies” - nothing meaningful.
Tried to search "Coinintelligence versus ". Still nothing meaningful.

So I can’t really decide is he a good choice for etn ltd. Does somebody have any comparison data on On Yavin or on Coinintelligence ?


There are probably not a lot of “scam hunter” focused crypto companies out yet (but a great idea). Cointelligence seems to have taken the lead some there. Education seems to be their key focus - which is a big part of identifying a crypto scam. “Scam hunters” probably is not very well received in general in crypto spheres as most of them have a pyramid like model (early adopters gets the largest cake) and its something that many projects fear when trying to create the next fomo run marketing with made up numbers.

Teaming up with a London based education/scam hunter that was part of making the quite nice ANON summit seems to be a great move.


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Should we login to CMC chat ??
Maybe to show the owner of CMC that we are a strong community !?!


I would say they know already…that said, it might be good for us to engage the chat so as to discuss things with newer users. IDK. I have not used the chat yet, I’ll look at it.

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CMC is owned by Binance. Binance not only ignores ETN, but spews double standards as to why they don’t list ETN. Why would we want to support anything Binance owned at this point? No thanks, not me. I am done with them.


Didnt RE say the biggest reason they dont list us is because our volume is low?


Indeed. Binance, like any other company are interested in making money. ETN’s volume is only just starting to grow so its no surprise what-so-ever they have not listed yet (even with the amazing community and use-case we have). Especially when you throw on top of that its a privacy coin and Cryponight based (thus hard to integrate).

It will come one day.


Unfortunately that’s simply not true. They have listed their “standards” multiple times as to why they have not listed ETN in the past.

Despite being the heavy favorite in the two community coin votes;

The first community vote they linked to a page of their “standards” and heavily inferred the points about ICO projects as the main reason.

The second community vote they did not mention a specific reason but their actions spoke very loudly by listing two no name coins with nearly no volume at all, but they were willing to go on the BNB chain…so I guess if yo uare willing to convert, they will be happy to list you.

Unfortunately, the volume excuse does not stick and is a flat out misnomer that is used to quell the disgust toward Binance. It doesn’t fly with me.


Of course the company will use a range of reasons other than “because its hard to integrate and wont make us much money”. That’s common sense.

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