The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

Can somebody make an anime meme of Electroneum phase 2 “This is not even my final form?”


Yes, you might almost think what a good idea if we gave a way a little free sample for people to try, perhaps by airdropping a few coins to a phone app… oh wait a minute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joking aside, the MM was a good conversation starter, you could ask pretty girls if they had heard of Electroneum and when they said “no” you could show them your app and how they could get a bit of free cryptocurrency. So now I will have to think of new pick up lines.


Yeah, I watched it but was having a hard time staying awake, didn’t see any mention of ETN or dash it was all bitcoin silliness.

Bitcoin is great, but as a payment solution ETN blows it to smithereens. No worries, those people in Africa who for now are stuck with slow bitcoin transacions and high transaction fees will be in heaven once they discover ETN. Then they can hold onto their BTC like most people do and watch it grow while using a better digital payment system like ETN to transact with instead.

Don’t worry we will have our own documentary within a couple years and it will be much more exciting and feature way more real world examples of changed lives. That Docu was a bit of a yawner IMO. Cool, but slow and boring.

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And I still say that no matter what all the fools who believe some benevolent soul created Bitcoin for the people…I believe it was scammers who needed a new digital payment method to replace egold after the feds rendered egold useless and worthless. egold was anonymous and used in tons of online ponzi investment scams.

No way in heck they were just going to walk away from their milk cow. So guess what pops up as the go to accepted digital currency not long after egold gets shut down?

I don’t think you have to guess, the shiny new bitcoin of course…wooop wooop.

I have no doubt my theory is correct. I don’t buy any other goofy feel good story.

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Ours will have more arm waving.


Is that just you, or is that a thing?

But that volume on Sistemkoin though.

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Good morning Electroneum Community

It is sunday the 24th May 2020

Here’s this morning’s stats


Have a good one


It’s just my theory Pete, I have never heard anyone else that i know of say anything similar.

I could be wrong and it could just be pure coincidence that bitcoin was born soon after egold was raided and no longer useable as a digital currency. Those who know what egold was and how big it was as a digital currency would maybe understand my theory.

The lesson learned was don’t start a digital currency that could be viewed as money or a threat to the USD by the US Govt while also locating equipment and operations on US soil and being centralized.

So sure bitcoin could be some random gift to mankind because of the 2008 financial crisis and scammers just replaced egold with bitcoin once it was feasible to do so. I’m just not buying that fantasy.

I think it’s more likely that a group of Asian and EU gangsters running multiple investment scams online needed a new anonymous way to move money and continue their operations without fear that the new digital currency could be easily shut down.

Just my theories. I think everyone else is just fine with the feel good narrative.

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My latest attempt…


Always interesting when good comes from evil.

No I’ve not seen it mentioned either, not even on BTC forums where they usually relish every conspiracy going. We will probably never know.

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Upside again.


This is not about ETN.
But I feel everybody in the cryptospace should know about this.

Whenever you create a Bitcoin wallet , the mnemonic or wallet words(12 words) generated are selected randomly from a dictionary of 2048 pre-defined words.

The whole list is below:




1682 words.


Ha yeah, we probably never will. Like I said it’s just my own personal theory. egold was very popular from around 2000 to sometime in late 2008 or so. It was pegged to the value of gold. Had to get it from 3rd party exchanges, same with cashing it out in most cases. Online scammers loved it as their primary program currency. Stole from naive with the enticement of nice returns and laundered funds from other endeavors most likely.

Yup, i believe its 24 words so 1626^24 (plus a checksum word). Which is whats needed for the 256bit seed (2^256).

For anyone wondering if someone could brute force your key… the answer is no. Even if you had every computer on the planet trying all day every day, our sun would burn out long before they did.


I have a question.

What’s the difference between Proof of Authority implemented on PoS coins like VeChain Thor and Proof of Responsibility other than the fact that PoA is for POS and PoR is for POW?

Is PoR just POW implementation of PoA?

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I’m not familiar with PoA…so cant really answer that Cap. Looks familiar except the PoW/PoS so yeah maybe.

Keep in mind a faster, likely more decentralised model is being worked on this year by the blockchain devs with a BFT consensus at its core.

I’m actually super excited about their implementation as it opens a lot more possibilities and helps users who pay more weight to the centralisation argument to stop focusing on that and start looking at the amazing things that have been achieved.

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