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If we keep up the tweets , Facebook insta etc we will rise further and further up the ranks.


Got my ETN Everywhere email… anyone else on here going to add a business?

Not sure whether to add my actual business or my personal selling stuff… or both…

I’m guessing that an eBay address isn’t going to be suitable for the website address, I do have a website but there’s not much on it… there is not much point to maintaining and updating them these days when you have eBay or Amazon to do all the legwork for you.

Not sure how to integrate ETN app for payment, can you do download and email a payment request QR code from the app. Is that the best way to do it?

It said there was a thread on here all about it, but when I look at the thread there’s nothing in it in terms of advice or guides. I’m quite interested in posters/flyers if I can get hard copies printed off them, sounds like they have some ready made, otherwise could be a job for an AnyTasker to make one for me.


You can ask questions here @Pete

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Not 100% sure what you mean Pete.

Not sure how to integrate ETN app for payment, can you do download and email a payment request QR code from the app. Is that the best way to do it?

Assuming you are referring to how to use the Instant Payment System…you can use the instant payment library (available on github) to generate QR codes for each payment dynamically.

So if someone is buying something for $X.XX, the library will work out what that is in ETN, allow you to provide a unique ID so you know who is making the payment and generate a QR code the buyer can pay with. Once they pay, you can then receive a notification of the payment (via a webhook) so you can authorise the sale. Sounds complicated but its actually very very easy to use on your website or online shop. Infact most the main online shops have payment extensions already setup.

If you are specifically wondering how this could plug into ebay, I dont think it can as they have set payment portals.

Details of using the instant payment system are available here:
(link is available from within the vendor section of




From @LauraElectroneum


I just meant something very simple, thanks for replying. No Github, or webhooks or integration with API on a website. Just using the app only.

If someone buys something and wants to pay with ETN, if they are talking to me face to face and we both have app on our phones then it is simple, I just generate payment request QR code on my phone and they scan it with their phone to send payment.

But if it’s done remotely, say by email communication… I just need to get that QR code sent to them. Maybe I need to use the desktop app and cut and paste QR code into an email.

So what I’m asking about is really very simple and I’m sure it can be done, it’s probably just that I’m being dim!

My previous eBay campaign involved sending out cards advertising the project and the MM, this is maybe a bit redundant now and was probably too early for adoption in the west.

Most of what I’d do is more to promote the project rather than actually expecting many sales out of it.

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can it be done on the web wallet?


Maybe you could have someone on anytask make you custom brochure with a few items

and qrc codes under each item.

Or maybe the owner can create a custom design or template for you. Where you can just paste images, edit descriptions and QRC code images and make changes as needed in the flyer or brochure PDF file.


Its a good idea! Im going to see what we can do…


Make sure you trust an online QR generator before you use it. I remember reading an article on one of the coin news websites (coindesk, cointelegraph, I don’t remember what it was) about researchers discovering a number of websites with bitcoin QR generators actually generating codes for their own wallet in order to steal the website visitors bitcoin.


I’ve used with no issues

and google also has one I think that also has a chrome extension.

But yeah very good advice

When I used it one time for a etn donation drive posted here…I verified the address was correct after scanning the code I made and it all was correct.


It is Thursday the 7th of may 2020

On this day in history…

  • 1429 English siege of Orleans broken by Joan of Arc and the French army

  • 1912 Columbia University approves plans for awarding the Pulitzer Prize in several categories, after established by Joseph Pulitzer

  • 1915 RMS Lusitania sunk by German submarine off the southern coast of Ireland; 1198 lives lost

  • 1939 Germany and Italy announce an alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis

  • 1945 World War II: Unconditional German surrender to the Allies signed by General Alfred Jodl at Rheims

  • 1952 The concept of the integrated circuit, the basis for all modern computers, is first published by Geoffrey Dummer

  • 2017 Emmanuel Macron wins France’s presidential election defeating Marine Le Pen

Here’s this morning’s stats

20200507_071459 20200507_071555

:sun_with_face: have a good one :peace_symbol::heart::grin:


Got another notification.



If only I had a time machine…


All good ideas, thanks guys. I think the app generates the QR codes just fine, it was just the easiest way to copy them to other people I was after.

Is a QR code generated by the app or desktop site generic to any payment of the stated amount? Or is it specific to one transaction? In other words if I sell two items to two people for the same price can just the one QR code be used (ie. the key info is the amount of ETN and the destination wallet and there is nothing about it that is unique to a transaction?)


if it is just price and wallet address I would expect the code to be the same.

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