The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

I hope one day we will have 4k Active Users a day :wink:

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I didn’t get anything on my app . Don’t seem to have a notification tab :thinking:

I got it. Maybe you did not notice? :thinking:

A few updates ago you have to agree to it :+1:

It is Wednesday the 6th of May 2020

On this day in history

  • 1626 Dutch colonist Peter Minuit organizes the purchase of Manhattan Island from Native Americans for 60 guilders worth of goods, believed to have been Canarsee Indians of the Lenape

  • 1840 World’s first adhesive postage stamp, the “Penny Black”, is first used in Great Britain

  • 1889 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) in Paris opens with the recently completed Eiffel Tower serving as the entrance arch

  • 1937 German airship Hindenburg explodes in flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 35 of the 97 on board and 1 on the ground

  • 1941 Joseph Stalin becomes Premier of the Soviet Union, replacing his foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov

  • 1954 Roger Bannister of the UK becomes the 1st person to run a 4 minute mile, recording 3:59:4 at Iffley Road, Oxford

Here’s this morning’s stats

20200506_064536 20200506_064158

Have a good one…


Calling all gardening folks …

I know theres a few in here who know what they’re doing better than i am so here’s a new thread …

My yard garden . Work in progress…


Oh ok , must have missed that :wink:

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sure, but i’ve not even tried to remember my wallet address.

Good god … remember the wallet address :joy:

It starts with ETN :laughing:

Not a chance thats happening … somedays i barely remember my pin code hahahaha.


We are going up on kucoin again :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic we arein the top most booming altcoins

We can keep this going if we do this together…


Thankyou etn Community your all amazing


It is frustrating, so, just imagine how frustrated the ETN team must feel, they have done everything they can and more. The team are being persistent and so should we, this project has great potential, just have patients.

The two crypto projects that made it to the final battle in the last vote were coins I’ve never heard of and I can’t remember what they were called or what they did. But I do remember looking at the average volume and it was around 2 million a day while the competition was on. But, before the comp, it was more like 200k a day. So I assumed that Binance had already chosen these coins prior to the vote and were buying up the coin throughout the month.

If this pump ETN is having now goes up to a daily volume of 1 million again…


lunarcrush etn stats

If we keep up the tweets , Facebook insta etc we will rise further and further up the ranks.


Got my ETN Everywhere email… anyone else on here going to add a business?

Not sure whether to add my actual business or my personal selling stuff… or both…

I’m guessing that an eBay address isn’t going to be suitable for the website address, I do have a website but there’s not much on it… there is not much point to maintaining and updating them these days when you have eBay or Amazon to do all the legwork for you.

Not sure how to integrate ETN app for payment, can you do download and email a payment request QR code from the app. Is that the best way to do it?

It said there was a thread on here all about it, but when I look at the thread there’s nothing in it in terms of advice or guides. I’m quite interested in posters/flyers if I can get hard copies printed off them, sounds like they have some ready made, otherwise could be a job for an AnyTasker to make one for me.


You can ask questions here @Pete

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Not 100% sure what you mean Pete.

Not sure how to integrate ETN app for payment, can you do download and email a payment request QR code from the app. Is that the best way to do it?

Assuming you are referring to how to use the Instant Payment System…you can use the instant payment library (available on github) to generate QR codes for each payment dynamically.

So if someone is buying something for $X.XX, the library will work out what that is in ETN, allow you to provide a unique ID so you know who is making the payment and generate a QR code the buyer can pay with. Once they pay, you can then receive a notification of the payment (via a webhook) so you can authorise the sale. Sounds complicated but its actually very very easy to use on your website or online shop. Infact most the main online shops have payment extensions already setup.

If you are specifically wondering how this could plug into ebay, I dont think it can as they have set payment portals.

Details of using the instant payment system are available here:
(link is available from within the vendor section of




From @LauraElectroneum


I just meant something very simple, thanks for replying. No Github, or webhooks or integration with API on a website. Just using the app only.

If someone buys something and wants to pay with ETN, if they are talking to me face to face and we both have app on our phones then it is simple, I just generate payment request QR code on my phone and they scan it with their phone to send payment.

But if it’s done remotely, say by email communication… I just need to get that QR code sent to them. Maybe I need to use the desktop app and cut and paste QR code into an email.

So what I’m asking about is really very simple and I’m sure it can be done, it’s probably just that I’m being dim!

My previous eBay campaign involved sending out cards advertising the project and the MM, this is maybe a bit redundant now and was probably too early for adoption in the west.

Most of what I’d do is more to promote the project rather than actually expecting many sales out of it.

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