The 2020 Fomosapien club vol 3

I wish you much luck. Just don’t sell for any less than 5x :slight_smile:


I believe Liquid US ran into some delays. Not surprising considering how closely Quoine follow the rules…US regulations are a bit of a minefield.

Accepting US users planned in Q2 according to the person i spoke to…so shouldn’t be too much longer considering its nearly March. They also have the world book opening soon (it was put on hold while they worked on Liquid perpetuals platform which went live this week).

As @B.F.A said, big year ahead for the exchange so its great ETN can be a part of that.


This actually might be the perfect storm

  1. ETN has a ton of news coming out next week
  2. Biki coins do really well when they are listed
  3. Other people on other exchanges will think it’s because of the news
  4. Everything pumps and ETN gets the credit

This could very well be what we were waiting for :slight_smile: Some credibility from the crypto space and the price moving in a positive direction


People were saying that if you were from the US you can’t use Biki. I am from the US and created an account on Biki. There doesn’t seem to be any issues with me trading. Anyone else?


Lets hope this is the case.

What news is coming out next week?


Well based on Richards post on the forum

There were quite a few things he said were coming next week

  1. new countries going live
  2. ramped up marketing
  3. facebook ads
  4. AnyTask website update
  5. New places to spend ETN
  6. Biki exchange goes live

Like you say, “a perfect storm” - well let’s hope so :slight_smile:


As a cautionary note it is worth mentioning that this is an exchange platform coin that has just gone live and BiKi have taken a financial, ($1M) interest in that platform, so there may be additional reasons for it pumping so hard.


I did not see USA in the drop down menu when I was looking for UK, is it there?


Just a word of caution, when transferring to/from an exchange you aren’t familiar with (and they all seem to be different in some small ways)…. try sending or withdrawing just a little bit first and wait to see it gets there ok, before you do a big lump.

Maybe stating the obvious I know, but some people need the obvious stating (not particularly thinking of anyone here!)


Found out that they won’t let you withdraw without doing KYC first…then they find out you are from the US. Luckily I didn’t deposit anything


Why would you use fiat to buy ETN then buy things with ETN? You would get less value. Earn ETN and spend it makes sense…but not buy to spend. Just my thoughts.

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I would have done a small amount first but Biki says only the first deposit per account will be taken into consideration for the ETN Giveaway.

Those who have successfully authenticated and deposited, are you able to see your funds under assets? My assets don’t show an ETN option even though my authentication is complete.

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Yikes! I won’t be getting much in the giveaway then!

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Hi Tim,

I don’t think you are interpreting the rules correctly - see below.

My interpretation of the rules, (see below) is that each unique ID is allowed to participate once, is based on all of your deposits during the time period. May I ask what leads you to believe otherwise?

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Amazing quote from the article!

“We have registered nearly 60,000 top-ups in those countries so far, which are such great numbers that we are now ready to live in with this service in 140 countries in the coming days.”


I log in in Biki… what I need to do next to pass all verifications? I cant find how to do it… any help? Pls

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It’s that line that led me to believe that only one deposit would count. Maybe I’m wrong… Can’t hurt to throw more on if you’re willing to let them hold onto it.

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So you mean “Each UID is allowed to participate only once” refers to participating in only Tier 1 or Tier 2 or Tier 3? This is what I thought as well originally, hopefully that’s correct and “participate” does note mean “deposit”.

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