Tesla cyber truck

Has everyone seen tesla’s newest cyber truck? I really like it and if etn moons, i’ll definitely getting one. Dont know about everyone but i like how its made.

Whos getting one? Haha

Loved it, very special, challenging and futuristic design yet very clean and sexy IMO. I understand alot of people might not like it, but I really did due the fact how challenging it is.
Specs of the vehicle seems to make other trucks look like childrens toys.

But again, then im a “tesla-fanboy” or whatever the interweebs call us.

However wether me being a fan or not doesn’t change the specs of their world leading tech :slight_smile:

My next new car will definitely be a Tesla wether it being the truck or a M3 not sure probably the M3 though, And I will choose Tesla even if other brands are joining the field as of late, because I have 0 support for the other brands in the field (except Toyota) anymore after all those years they bashed and tried to bankrupt tesla and now they are all playing the catch-up game.

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It took a second as I digested it. I like it more and more as time passes and it’s a no brainer when you compare it with other trucks, not to mention once I saw this I was completely sold

The Reserve fee is surprisingly small and the big thing the fine print says is the cost of self driving is LOCKED IN with reservation and yet you can cancel at any time and get your deposit back. Musk has been pushing the price will go up exponentially as the system improves and when they reach the ultimate goal.

I should mention I am a Model 3 Owner and some would call me a musk fanboy.


Take me a ride in ur M3 please <3 I can pay you some ETN’s :wink:

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I’m a HUGE Blade runner fan (original) so the cyber punk theme was an instant hit for me. Those lights!

Throw in the demo of him hitting the door with a sledge hammer and it being untouched… or the rear quad-bike concept…or it pulling another truck that is driving in the opposite direction… loved it.

I have no doubt it will be a “marmite” product…people will love or hate it so it will likely be a bit niche… but a 6 seater, powerful, durable, 0-60 <3 second truck is a winner in my books.


Whatever peoples feelings on it, no-one can argue its not unique and a conversation starter.


Happy to see so many from this lovely community also “praise” the god of entrepreneurship.

Just think about it, thanks to the man E.M we as Electroneum can exist since he was the inventor of internet payment transactions in the first place and opened up a complete new world of economy. Surely someone else would’ve invented it if not him, but he did it.

I’m not gonna hold it back, if there were anyone on this planet that i truly look up to it is Elon himself. So much good coming out of one individual it’s quite frightening to be honest. So much tech that he has invented with being chief engineer at spacex, chief engineer at tesla, solar panels that quite literally will last longer then your damn house, powering your electric needs and even making your house give you free money in the long run.

The truck really does grow on you the more you watch it, its growing to become the sexiest vehicle I have ever seen if im going to be completely honest.

Haha, I Do love showing it off, maybe one day when the Tesla Uber like network is up and running it’ll accept ETN! and you’d be able to choose what you need, cybertruck for homedepot and airport runs and model 3s for other typically runs

Etn @ATH= tesla cyber truck for me.
I dont know why but i like E.M’s ideas.
This reminds me, i saw a video of him when he was at paypal or when he just sold it, he had receding hairline but when we became a millionaire, his hair came back. I want my hair back too. Hahaha


Seems like people like it…despite the media.

Decent perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX1xG0a4TVo


The Cybertruck weights almost double as much as model 3 and probably has more aerodynamic drag too. So I would argue it needs nearly double the battery size for same range. With the price of 40k$ I think that this just shows how much Tesla is aiming to get the battery costs down by 2022.

I don’t know how much that steel or the glass they are using for it costs but my guess would be more than the body of model 3. And the interior does not seem to be any lesser either. Plus the bed of the truck with automatic cover, 220v charging, air pump etc. do most likely rise the costs up too.
Maybe they somehow can drive down some of the manufacturing costs by not having so much curves on it but I think that the weight of the materials would drive the costs up somewhat.

So the conclusion I came to is that they plan to have extremely cheap batteries and possibly drivetrains when they start the production of the cybertruck. This would have an huge impact on the pricing and margins of the other models they make. So overall, the truck itself seems to be a major hit and it also gives clues for some major upgrades through the lineup at Tesla. It will be interesting to see how other car makers will compete.

Batteries used to be $33k when TESLA started, they now $12k… so i think you are right, wouldn’t be surprised if that gets to 5k in the next few years. At that point, they can break the lower markets and its RIP for combustion.

In terms of the steel…its the same as they use on the rockets for SpaceX. There is speculation that by including on their Cybertrucks, it will feed into the production volume which will drive that price down (i.e. helps both companies by economies of scale and joint research and development). Also allows for the possibility of them being used on the Moon/Mars. Elon did tweet he would make a version that could be used in that environment.

The main competitor in the EV truck space is the Amazon Rivian R1T. Which has worse stats across the board (slower, less capacity, less miles etc) and STARTS at 80k. So TESLA is so far ahead of the crowd its unreal.

…Although it will be interesting to see what the mainstream trucks bring as they transition to EV…there is A LOT of brand loyalty in the truck world.

I still think it was VERY smart for TESLA to not follow the crowd on this… truck users (mostly) are not particularly green aware… so producing a green alternative to existing trucks would not likely make waves. Very brave move but i think its their best option for breaking the truck market at any level by being so different and unique…and with 146,000 orders in 2 days… looks like it might work.


It seems Rivian R1T starts at 69k but is way worse spec-wise than the 69k Cybertruck, 69k R1T seems to be somewhat comparable to 49k Cybertruck. Also Rivian plans to start delivering late next year so it has some time in the market before straight competition from Tesla.
Also Ford did do something interesting with its ~45k Mach E model that would be somewhat competitive with model Y, which was surprising. Ford could have something similar to the Rivian coming up when they lauch their electric pick-up, most likely they are aiming for better.
VW has made some deals to get their battery price per kwh down to under 100$. So they could have something interesting coming up in terms of price too. Probably not in the pick-up’s but maybe something against model Y or 3.

Tesla is definitely not alone in the EV market anymore. At the moment they do have the competitive edge but I would not like to go as for as say that they are so much ahead of the crowd that its unreal today. I think I should wait for the battery and drivetrain -day at the beginning of next year to say that. Although other car makers have not yet proven that they can actually deliver EV’s in volume so might as well say that today :grin:

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70k? i read it was 80k. Fair enough.

In regards to why TESLA are ahead of existing car companies, take a look at some of the interviews with Ron Baron (a large investor). He talks about the fact that it will not only cost billions to get the infrastructure in place to make new EVs at scale, but its at the expense of the tens or hundreds of billions they have already borrowed/spent on infrastructure for their existing combustion engine infrastructure. So it literally is twice as damaging when they switch as it is for a new company in the space.

Throw on top of that the fact that TESLA has built a brand recognition as THE EV company…and they really are many years ahead of competitors…it is way more than just vehicle specs (which TESLA lead on anyway).

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Ford has 37B Cash on Hand so they should be able to make some infrastructure happen. But it will be interesting to see can they convert any of the old infrastructure to be usable with EV’s. At worse case if the EV revolution hits hard and they cannot make any use of their old infrastructure, it could drag them to bankruptcy. In best case, they could stay in the game and actually be competitive.
When it comes to brand, Tesla definitely has the top spot. But it is not like others have it bad either.They have much more history, good and bad, but masses know them and some even love them.

In the future (like 10-years), I think there will be one or two car companies that will be able to compete with Tesla. At least I hope so since competition would only be a good thing for the consumers in the end. I take myself as a Tesla fanboy but regardless I don’t want to rule all the other competition out just yet :blush:

*Lol, sorry for taking this so much off topic :joy:

I agree 100%. The car companies (just like the oil giants), are not stupid. They know what they are doing and have the funds to do it… I have no doubt what so ever that they will come out well in the end… but i do think its going to drag them down to an even playing field with Tesla having to try and catch up right now.

I personally see Tesla being a massive company as the world moves towards greener options … half from vehicles and half from their battery production, tech and patents. Not to mention solar tiles and autonomy EV tech.

I’ve never really been passionate about this kind of thing before… but its hard not to when we are watching one man advance the human race so far… in such a short time.



was the model i was hoping for … its stunning. :point_up::point_up:

But for the sci-fi kid in me . The one they released is awesome… love the atv that goes in the back or the camper style…


Definitely different :+1::+1::+1::peace_symbol::heart::grin:

Yeah I struggled with that at first as well.

However, after watching alot of discussions i realised its actually very smart. The problem with that first image… is it’s just a revamp of what we already have. Yes it looks great (it REALLY does)… but its the same truck as all of the available ones on the market, with a slightly more edgy cosmetic.

Two problems:
a) Tesla would have priced themselves out the market as it would have been MUCH more expensive to produce
b) Brand loyalty is stronger in the truck market than any other. Thus producing a similar vehicle which costs the same/more would not pull customers away in a non-green focused market.

So although i 100% agree that first render is VERY cool… Tesla needed to do something completely different to have a chance of competing. The non-curved cyberpunk shape they have produced makes production MUCH cheaper. The materials they are using are much more durable (as we saw with the hammer test). Its different, its faster, its stronger and most of all, its cheaper.

That makes it a serious choice for people. Its brave but very clever by Tesla…and with nearly 200k orders already after 3 days, looks like it might just pay off.


I agree it is different which is what tesla is all about. I do like the futuristic look that blade runner style light. Love it .

Hopefully we all get one … be like delorean owners all over again … :grin:

Especially like the sledge hammer part zero dints … was brilliant

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Elon actually replied to a Tweet that it was the sledge hammer hit that broke the base of the glass and that is why it shattered.
So no sledge hammering the car but throwing metal balls at the glass is ok :joy: But probably both are ok when it comes to production :blush:


You can still use a sledge hammer but you have to do it AFTER throwing those metal balls at the window glass.

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