Temporary Exchange Downtime



We’ve just asked ETN exchanges to suspend ETN deposits until we analyse and patch exchange wallets. Monero just found a bug and we are checking to see if we have the same bug, or if it was introduced after we forked from Monero. Normal service will resume ASAP.

Kucoin - withdrawal issues
Transactional system currently off line


Thank you very much for the update and no one needs to be selling those precious lovely ETN coins at 1.2cents anyway! :wink:


Good action, adequate communication!


Excellent work, Rich and Team! You have done and continue to do an excellent job protecting Electroneum. Onward and upward!


Electroneum have it all under control! Thank you Mr Ells and Electroneum team.


Thanks for the update. :grin::grin:


Thanks for the quick update and info.


Okay I have heard it


Thanks for the quick action Rich and Team!


Thanks for the info !

Here’s some very geeky info on the Monero bug:


blimey that’s pretty hardcore stuff!


Thanks for the update


Quick action !..As Always…TY


I appreciate a fast and informative response. Thank you. Keep up the good work!


Brilliant thank you. Keep the good work up protecting the community


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Thanks for the update Richard! :blush:


Um… it’s up to 10k UK level 2 I’m rather sure and no limit at 3 unless I saw something wrong.


Ok im a dumbass now, it says send over 10k. I thought it meant only 10k. haha. Now i feel dumb.