Temporarily Locked Account Solution Needed


Hello everyone, I wanted to bring some attention to an issue I just had. I was temporarily locked last night for no apparent reason. I finally found out today after a second ticket what had triggered this action. Initially when I’d contacted support I was told I will not get it unlocked due to suspicious activity.

I am very very good about following all TOS, I never cheat the system or violate it in any way shape or form. I love what ETN is doing and been a strong supporter since the ICO. So, I reached out to support to find out specifically what caused this so I could avoid it in the future.

Reason for getting my account locked:

You were detected by our system for hitting the server an extortiant amount of times

You pinged the server 10 times in 2 seconds

I have no idea how I pinged the server so many times, I just check my miner regularly and use my pc here and there to login to my wallet to check things too. Of course I never repeatedly hit the site like that.

My assumption is that it’s a bug in the miner since lot’s of people have been having connection issues with it. Prior to getting my account temp locked, I got kicked off the miner and had some error code pop up like 10x times I had to keep closing to log back in and restart the miner. I think this recent version is the cause, I was wondering if that pop up I had to keep closing caused the server pings?

I was told on the first ticket I’d not get my account unlocked thus losing all of my ETN. This means a legitimate user could end up losing their coins they bought and account. Luckily I had someone reach out on my behalf to the etn team to check a second ticket and unlock it. There needs to be a better way to correct issues such as this. If you’re aiming for mass adoption you need to make sure your system doesn’t give a false positive on suspicious activity like what happened to me. We should be able to engage in a dialogue with support and come to a full resolution before any tickets are closed.

I moved my coins off the ETN wallet now since I no longer feel it’s safe to hold them there due to the system falsely identifying suspicious activity. I may even deactivate my miner until it’s been updated, since I feel that’s the culprit here.

What would one do if their ETN was just gone with no recourse or way to give a rebuttal? It wasn’t my fault on the fast pings, it’s obviously a glitch in the miner. I’d just like a way for those whom get locked to get their accounts back if they’ve not done something wrong. We can’t know if there is some glitch that triggers an account lock.

I had to make this post to help prevent any other legitimate users from getting locked not due to them breaking TOS in any way or trying to cheat or damage the system but simply due to a bug in the system. I ALMOST lost my account and all my ETN.

So I’d really like @ETNCEO any anyone else to chime in on this, I honestly was shocked when I saw I’d been locked out since I always make it a point to follow the rules. Also if Richard is too busy to respond here if someone who has contact with him could, please bring this to his attention. No honest user should lose their account for something like this.

I am a HUGE supporter of ETN and it’s mission and been in since early in the ICO, infact this was my FIRST ICO ever since Electroneum was the first crypto I felt was worth actually getting involved with. I still feel that way and still a huge supporter, but that happening really honestly concerned me since I almost had no recourse to recover my account. I look forward to the communities thoughts on this matter.


Im really sad to hear that i think if you make tick they will solve that for you .


Hey Furios, I got it back actually. I just made the post to bring it to Richards attention so the team can correct the issue so it doesn’t happen to another user. I really think it’s just this latest version of the miner that caused it. It’s the first time since ICO I had an issue like this. Previous versions didn’t have all the connection issues this version does.

It loses the connection constantly and often has lot’s of error codes popup upon logging out and then back in. Well sometimes the error codes don’t happen but other times error code pop ups come in waves and I have to close down several before the login window even appears.

I will say, the cloud mining they’re working on would 100% fix this for future upcoming IOS users of course since that’s already in the works for them and a great fix for us currently on android.


Good news really happy to hear that /:wink: