Tell me this doesn’t scream Electroneum



The ETN team is well aware of M-Pesa.


what is the difference between ETN and M Pesa ?


If it’s true that were a meeting between Electroneum and Vodafone members, many days ago, nothing to be scared… Vodafone hold and rent most of the worldwide phone lines. Maybe instead that MPesa will be a landmark for mobile cryptos, as btc for cryptos. What think about it?


Make no mistake — I think that ETN will be Vodafone’s partner. This is an incredible opportunity.


If it will be, is the greatest thing for the future, but also be a second partner isn’t bad, i think. Don’t you?


Wow, very interesting read. Thanks for sharing.


Yep I agree and have said the same thing. I think this will be part of the news package release we have yet to witness but should be soon I hope! This would catapult ETN into the arena of success more so then it is already!


If it were to come true, that would be great news for the electroneum community! Keeping fingers crossed!