Telegram members dwindling

Hello Admin,
As clearly spelt out and popularly know, ELECTRONEUM aims at Mass Adoption. Among the many outstanding approaches to achieving this is keep a Community of registered users and enthusiasts who may wish to find out more about the ETN before registering.
Unfortunately, many new Members join the Telegram Community every day, but many more exit to; the number of Members keeps dwindling every now and then. As at the time of composing this message, the number stood at 34147. How can this Community retain and even increase its numerical strength?
Thank you

i think this is because of our community forum…


Its much better here…

Telegram is ok but this community is far superior


If you want to enjoy while you follow ETN project, you just need to be here…I dont miss a day here-not a single one…

you get all the info you need from this project. :))

enjoy :wink:


I really don’t like to use Telegram and felt compelled to join but as said already, perhaps many just see this forum as a superior and more user friendly way to catch up on community goings-on.

Well if you mention the price at all, you are directed here, no price discussion on telegram official page. People want to talk about price, so they leave and come here.

And here is much better …


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Yes here is great but they need to run regular competitions, promote adoption stories, the team needs to interact more and things like that.

Still check Telegram out occasionally, but too much random noise. This is a much better place to discuss ETN. Many more squirrels around these parts. :chipmunk:


I haven’t used the Electroneum Telegram since this forum launched. This is such a better platform for disseminating info and helps people build their knowledge and understanding in a positive space.