Telegram group ban


It has been some 9 months ago since i got banned from telegram group. How do i get unbanned? Is there some resolution group on telegram, just like xrp and btc groups?


Stay here much better


What is your telegram username?



Telegram is such a crappy app. Never using it again.


Mr SYTEM can you help me unban on the telegram group its almost 6months i thnk hehe
my username is @balugaka123


Telegram is a mess i prefer the nice forum :sunglasses:


Better here than telegram & facebook groups


Yes I was banned from telegram group almost 9 months ago for what I believe was a mistake. But have never bothered to get back in as I’ve heard its far too busy and crazy now to be of much value. This forum is much better.


the forum is way more organize than telegram…


If it is possible unbayme too!
My username: mohammadyaghoubi1


Just a little question…WHY were you all banned…:wink::wink::grin::grin:


its Funny i was actually Banned yesterday after nearly a year on there for defending the team when people were saying the wallets were closed purposely to raise the price. Apparently some of the Admin on there still can’t read so well and Ban people who defend the project especially when sarcasm is used. But its ok Price chat is a better home anyways just crazy that one moment you just can’t enter again and no explanation lol…


haha that’s funny man. I got banned for suggesting they try one exchange I had heard about. It made no sense whats so ever but I never bothered to try to get back on and never will. Telegram is hopeless if you have a lot of acitve users. You can’t follow the threads on it. I think the admins just got so tired of it they started banning people for fun while throwing darts at a board haha. Anyway we have all moved on now haha.


I got banned the last time suggesting that the fudder should be banned lol. If you want to stay alive on telegram you reallly need to refine from messaging until you becomes an admin.