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Your not thinking big enough when thinking about locally for anytasks.

Think… taskrabbit, taskbee, chummy, ready app, ect ect.

Or maybe it also becomes a place where tourists hire local tour guides, dive instructors, scuba shops, surf instructor, party planner, corporate retreat event planner.

I think global digital skills is just the beginning.

I still would like to see a place within the ETN AnyTasks.com, TaskSchool.com ecosystem where someone who already has skills can create and sell video style tutorial courses sharing those skills with others. Like skillshare, undemy, and all those similar sites.

For example, a place a talented cook could sell video course(s) about preparing certain recipes they specialize in adding to their income. Someone with mad photoshop skills showing advanced techniques, or whatever skill you can imagine.

Also A place that those who create templates for graphics, be it photoshop, wordpress, after effects, motion graphics ect ect can sell their creations for ETN to anyone including AnyTasks workers who may need those type of things since there are some amazing templates out there, just for logos and after effects alone.

I’m talking the things sold on GraphicRiver | VideoHive | AudioJungle | ThemeForest | Code Canyon or any of the many similar sites that sell graphic and templates that the seller created.

And I’m talking anytasks.com can be a place where local tasks like handyman, personal shopper, dog walker, pet sitter, ect ect can be hired for small jobs/tasks.

Probably other little spin offs could be created at some point.

It could/would allow the ability to create life changing income for those with the ability to create and share skills and templates.

Heck, it could even be possible to tie in locally with something like air BnB users to find local helpers while they are staying at a location. Or the Air BnB owner can find a person locally that handles things for them when they have guests staying or after guest leave…or are attached to the location and paid to be of service to the guest?

I don’t know, lots of possibilities exist.


Hey @Quorra_Merch


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