Targeting the female community


I have been thinking about this and noticed it more on this forum is that the large majority of traders in crypto are male. I am not sure where I am going with this thought other than, figuring out ways to make ETN use attractive to women will accelerate the mass adoption of ETN.

For my married guys out there, you know if your wife has an idea (dumb or not) you are surely going to be the one doing the work or atleast having to support it. :rofl::rofl: Hell, even my single guys will follow where the females lead them lol



let me add to this by saying ETN could partner with women and/or baby supply companies to offer rewards for paying with ETN. If a women was to recieve more ETN or discounted diapers using ETN, I could see that catching on really quick in both the East and West. Especially if the mobile miner gives them the ETN to help pay for those diapers.



I believe that women should be more open to participate in things such as this as in 3 very thing in life.


My interaction with my wife the other evening is worth sharing here:

So I am in the kitchen and it is late, and my beautiful wife comes in and had been watching part of some reality show… She is excited and tells me how in the show she was watching there is this 20-something girl who basically lives in the jungle in the middle of the Amazon in Brazil in this little isolated dirt poor village, BUT the girl has a smartphone and is snapping all these selfies and very active on social. Then my wife says, "So I see this girl and her smartphone! And I think: ELECTRONEUM IS ABSOLUTELY GOING TO WORK!! LOOK AT THIS GIRL!"

We laughed together because it’s so true. How cool is it that my awesome wife is completely jazzed about ETN! :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


Unfortunately mine is still ignoring my conversations about it. I still talk about all the time. Yet she still lets me invest in it. I just think she doesn’t want to show me that she is on board and is playing hard to get lol.


I am the same way, my wife comes from a bit a wealth so she doesn’t see the value of ETN or the joy of the mobile miner. She did make the statement though “When can I buy diapers with your stupid ETN?” which got me to thinking of this post.


#blessed :pray::raised_hands::joy:


Jeff what have you done to your Wife lol. Jokes aside thats great. I’m still working on the Mrs but she has her phone setup she is mining and has a little.