Targeting mainstream American carriers

I suggested that we determine how much these companies like Verizon & AT&T are paying each month to process credit card transactions. It almost seems foolish to not get them on board to accept ETN. The amount of money they would save would be astronomical to the point where they can offer an incentive to those who pay with it. Also, they would completely change the entire industry and put our coin in the top 10 which would make them even more money if they chose to not convert into cash right away. It’s a no brainier to me, especially with our AML and KYC in place as well as the accounting aspect handled for tax filing purposes. I don’t see any other coin that would be better suited than us. I understand the third world idea but I think this should be just as much of a target

You are right…we shouldn’t just focus on unbanked and less privileged people. We should be thinking how to incorporate as much people as possible and try to give better solutions that currently exists. Good point…


What you both are saying is that ETN is a awesome tool for services like AT&T and so on… i think so to and is one of the reasons why i believe in ETN


It could be that they are trying it on smaller companies to start with. I just think it’s an easy sell though. If you can save a company millions of dollars they can offer an incentive. I don’t think targeting underprivileged and countries with failing currencies should be our main focus right now. We need big time deals to start the snowball. For example, if Verizon accepts it then not only would the rest of the phone companies begin to but ALL companies in all sectors will as well.


We are on the same page…
Everybody and every business could benefit from using ETN. That is one powerful thing!


Alright let’s do this! Who do we need to talk to? Lol…for real hopefully the team can read this and really take it seriously. If we keep waiting other proyects can take over this opportunities and that would pissed me off haha.


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