Symbolic but Future in Present

Make a decision and produce an Electroneum M1 mobile phone, I can only say “What a brave move.”
To be totally honest, a video showing a weird colorful booth outside of that flashing glow and glamorous stage made me lift my eyebrows but only for a moment. In fact, AHA what this is, let me look at it, must be something interesting. And so it is.
I will dare to compare this move with the first companies that massively used to distribute tons of free phones to people. The revolution started and the same companies started with a symbolic fee to charge calls. Today we know what the end result is.
Is Electroneum the future at present? (I have already asked the question in the past)
Is the M1 Symbolic Mobile Phone Ready to Start a Revolution?
Really, let’s sit a little bit and think well whether this is really a turning moment when the future is being written. If the past is something we are learning from, M1 is definitely the future.
Perhaps this seems a bit overwhelming but another saying says, “You need to recognize the big thing while it’s still a small thing.” And the fact is that once this little thing is recognized, it will become a good virus among people that is unstoppable.
But why did I say “what a brave move?”
Well, there are already big things out there, huge mobile operators who eat little things for breakfast.
But the brave people begin their vision of the dream they believe in. Richard said: “Why to fit in if you can stand out,” another very brave sentence. Like you said, Hey you big come see me now because it will not be a long time and I will not be too little soon. I’m small, I’m new but I point out and send a message: There’s a new sheriff in your town.
The road to the cellular world of the big can be dangerous, risky but Hey, who built Rome in a day?
And so, Richard never, but never stop believing in your idea, and the colorful booth will turn into a great representative building, as in the Cinderella story.
Please allow me to say again:
Greatness is not a product of convenience. The greatness of tomorrow begins with the sacrifice of today.
The future truly belongs to those who can anticipate it and give it all it takes to get there.
The picture is clear and the journey just started.
And finally my favorite saying: He, Who Dares, Wins.

thank you for this well written post! :slight_smile: Electroneum is going to be huge :slight_smile:


Thank you. It will. At least I believe it will.


Well written indeed @VZCrypto22 !

For those of you who did not see the stand up close and personal take a closer a look, becasue history was made at the MWC19. Images taken 15 minutes before the opening bell on Monday 2/25/19



Thanks for writing this up :clap: :clap: :clap:

Electroneum has a true grasp on their vision and are taking very strategic steps building the foundation of their ecosystem :zap:

Onwards and upwards
:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Actually I tell you what. There is no glamorous, expensive expression, often unnecessary exaggeration in the show of power. I see exactly what Elektroneum must show and what sermon actually is. You do not preach what you do not believe in. Richard and his team believe in Project Banked for the Unbanked and the place they are now reflecting on who and why they were presented in this way. My respect to Rich and his team.