SureRemit (RMT) versus ETN


I just read about the crypto RMT in the article below on globalcoinreport. Is this coin focussing on the same markets and or coutries as ETN does?


In 2020 we will have 200 coins or more trying to kopy ETN. For me the blockchain is only a necessity a tec thing that everybody might get to work perfect. Why we want get all the competition so many is afraid of is the total picture. If we all have a hammer we all can build houses, ofcores not. Same with ETN, they can all make the blockchain, but can all achieve what ETN have done? I think we must look at the hole package that ETN is before compering because we can’t compare bikes and cars.


Wise analogy there sir. Blockchain is a tool. How it is utilized and maintained is what gives a particular project its value.


Yes and not forget about the business side of it, it is not all about technology, it is about to make it useful