Support team and tickets

In recent 2 days, the support team at have referred all tickets to these froums!
It’s a nice action to imptove this platform and this community but all of my 4 last tickets haven’t answered correctly here! And I had to send tickets to the team!

Maybe a community member can help if you can explain what the problem is.
Is it KYC related?

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Dear @Anthony
Thanks for your responsibility
I have a question regarding IOS test wallet which implemented months ago through Testflight application for some users at that time!
As a matter of fact, I have 2 wallets, first one is on my laptop at my.electroneum and is main account and the second one is on my iphone for testing and includes only 5 ETN for test!
Should I have to do KYC for both? If yes, on iphone version, there isn’t any option for KYC!
If no, what actions are needed to do by me! I wanna left the KYC for iphone version!

One more question is regarding KYC in my country!
I am ready to upload any needed docs and passing all 3 levels of KYC but I asked to team is it possible that they change our account status or ban and have some restrictions for us? I am living in Iran and as you know there is some sanctions from US to our country!
We had some bad experiences from Bitrrex which disabled Iranian account without any former notification!

Yes, I think you will need to do it for both accounts unless it is actually the same wallet. Did you use two different email addresses when creating the different accounts?

I also have the iOS beta app and I can confirm you can not complete KYC from the app. You have to go to and sign in, then go to ‘Settings’, then ‘profile’ and then follow in instructions to upload the required documents.

Make sure you have downloaded the YOTI app as you will need to take a photo of your passport and driving license or another form of national ID. There is a very good video on how to do this on the Electroneum facebook page.

You only need level 1 for the wallet holding your 5 ETN. If you hold or want to transact more that 150 EUROS in 3 months that you will need Tier 2.

I don’t understand what you mean by asking the team if they can change your account status or ban? Your account will not be disabled because of US sanctions. Electroneum is a UK based company and is regulated by European Union laws and legislation.

Good luck. Once you have it figured out please pass on the good karma help another community member who needs guidance, if you can.


Complete reply, thank you man!

Regarding IOS wallet: if I don’t KYC deliberately, is there any problem for my another wallet? I wanna close the IOS wallet!

Regarding the US sanctions: I hope that ETN follows EU rules and won’t change any accounts status from any country!

Regarding the final paragraph, It was very nice advice. I do it certainly!

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if im not mistaken ETN follow EU rules.

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No, there should be no problem if you want to stop using the iOS wallet. You don’t need to do anything or close anything, just stop using it.

Don’t forget that the wallet is not just on your phone, it is the same wallet you see when you log into (that’s if you use the same log in details)

I hope that makes sense

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Completely answer my mate🙏🏼