Summary of global coin report video

  • On course for 20 millions active users by end of year

  • Integration of airtime providers on going.

  • Marketing to vendor this month via social media

  • Marketing to individual users via airtime providers via sms and email “soon”

  • Institutional/ wealthy individuals contacted Richard to buy into ETN

  • Negotation with monster partners on going

  • New off chain payment system live next year which enable us to tape into the remittance business

  • Airtime providers looking to hold and use ETN within the ecosystem rather than sell.

  • In talk with two top 10 exchanges for listing

  • New fiat pairing soon (likely NEXT and liquid)

Please feel free to add to list.


wooow those are huge news. richard is awasome as always, i have stayed really excited after watched the video


Did he say 2 top exchange?
And 20m users in 2019 or 2018? I bet he was talking about 2019.
I got a feeling Cryptopia or kucoin might be one of the exchages doing the fiat paring.


Where can we see the new registered users or better, how many we are?



Thank you for summing it all up. I think I missed some points originally but this list helped to recap :blush: I like how they have real plans and not some marketing hype on blockchain 5.0 or something like that.


Did you all see the lightning equipment in the other rom, i think it is studio lights for recording, and what have they been recording lately? just as little extra FOMO


as i know its recorded 2-3 days earlier than it published


Next.Exchange will be the one the has ETN/Fiat Paring.


of chain system will be great as intant payments, great news fomr richard as always


Great info, which I am sure is building in numbers more and more every day :slight_smile:


Some corrections to your post:

20 million registered users (not neccessarily active users) by end of 2019 as a conservative figure. Possibly 100m+, and that would be optimistic but ‘possible’.

In talks with 1 top ten exchange, not 2.


By the end of year 2019 i think that is…
If everything goes smoothly :slight_smile: with today grow it look like 3 000 000 by the end of 2018 and about 5.5 till end of 2019 i take only todays growth… more info in my excel…


Oh, Nice excel you have there :star_struck: Now I can get the average volume easily into Electroneum economics thread :v: Thank you very much!


is Next still in beta? I submitted documents for verification months ago, nothing yet…


Zero fees for off chain transactions opens up a whole world of opportunities.

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

Looks like are good news. Surprised that the price still not growing… Now we wait for them who are going to buy ETN @ .1 :joy::joy::joy: