Suggestions on how to promote ETN

Dear Electroneum Team:

We have posted the article above in the “Suggestions on how to promote ETN, South Africa” however the opportunity to promote ETN as described would be applicable to 18 countries not just South Africa.

What other categories can we post in or may be more appropriate. We have noticed we are unable for example to post in “Opportunities” Please advise.

As a result we are posting this message here attached to this the original article.

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The 2019 Africa Blockchain Conference

July 3rd and 4th

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found a nice peace of info about kenya.

One of a next target country maybe?



How about ETN create a monthly bounty draw, refer 5+ people and go into the monthly draw,

Maybe another one where it encourages people to deposit 5000 etn in their wallet to be in another draw

We need word of mouth obviously! Social media of course. Something to kickstart some momentum.

ETN must be in the major exchanges (especially U.S. ) like Coinbase, or Bittrex if possible.

Plus, whenever the system is ready, ETN needs to invest in marketing and advertising. Target marketing on Google search engines, online ads, TV ads, mags, you name it.
ETN raised a lot of money…i hope they saved some for advertising and are not spending it all on their own salaries. I still trust ETN fully. However, I sometimes wonder if, when i bought A LOT of ETN in 9/2018, that i wasnt just funding peoples employment.
Show me I am wrong!

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Hi anyone at Electroneum.

My best friend has a big food wholesaler/Cash and Carry with a turnover of £154 million I was talking with him last weekend about ETN and how the payment system could be easily integrated in his business they supply corner shops around the UK and also have their own brand of ethnic products which sell all over the world. He said" some of his customers would like to pay in crypto".

I think from a marketing point of view this could be strategic as this company is on the ground with retailers around the country and in the US too.

I’m happy to set up a meet with someone from ETN to see how this can go forward.
Just an idea but I could get some displays in their sites.


Waiting for a reply…

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chain advertising like initiative Q…it become viral in 3 days with no project

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Hopefully you are able to exchange some information here.

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It seems you are asking for a meeting with etn, for your friend who has a shop in the UK in a South Africa topic. Not sure what you or he would need to know. All the information about the project is here. Have a look at these posts for a good place to start. Let us know how it goes and when they have the API set up. Good luck. :slight_smile:

There is a very good service available to generate high quality ETN signs in pdf I recommend them .

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Without going into the logistical details of how to get things up and running, I would do this:
Request one of the charities mining ETN to donate resources to train a few people, maybe a small community, in a task that is an example of something already outsourced by larger firms.
Something as simple as data entry etc.
Then set up a deal with an overseas firm to send an ongoing job list for say, 6 months at a cost that would obviously be cheaper for the firm, but still profitable for the workers.
The payment gig system would be seen in action. The charity that donated the resources gets publicity, the firm paying for the work gets recognition, plus the community group doing the work not only vastly improve their income, they become a demonstration of a working model of how things will be.
Stand back and wait for the fireworks.

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