Suggestions on how to promote ETN

1st our vendor need to write message (email) or sms if it’s operator to all customers. Put banner too on their website and too at every office if they have any. After this we help in this area (country) with marketing - some article in newspapers or short TV spot or advertising at football or sports that is popular in the country… And rest let at the new users. Reward them for most referals like I suggest make some leaderboard who have most and give some reward 50$ or phone for free :slight_smile: for top 1-3 most active users in country…


Thats a great idea in there - what about sponsoring a couple of local football/rugby/cricket teams??

A new kit for a couple of teams advertising ETN wouldnt cost much yet could get a lot of exposure as they play in their leagues each week


Suggestion : make Naga the ambassador of whatever planet he comes from please. :slight_smile:

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I noticed this was in the South Africa category so this is my opinion to promote there. You did ask how to promote to the world though so I do not retract my previous offer. @Rach

My suggesting is to give a phone to the “Electroneum agents” on the ground who will be transferring fiat you etn for the unbanked. Also could be given to a shop owner that starts accepting Etn. Banners on shops that show their accepting Etn. Sms messages sent by location. Ground work does a lot. Get people using it, show them the incentive first hand and teach them to show others. The community is wanting to donate data to those in South Africa, a event could be set up to give away to those participating in event. Market the event locally and do giveaways and let them see how easy it is to get started and some can experience instantly getting a free top up using the app.

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Boom! :boom::+1:

I agree 100%

@ETNCEO did mention the feature phone market in one interview and that they were looking into solutions for it. This topic has come up a few times, and is actually how I learned about KaiOS.

Seems like a great fit to me for the region.


Here’s one topic on it, and the AAT video.

Direct to AAT video in post:

This is from pre-mwc when none of us knew they had the M1 in the works already. :exploding_head:

@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 gets credit for bringing up Kai OS in that thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not sure it’s worth pursuing that angle.
Now we have cheap smart phones and M1.

You gotta be kidding right? Have you seen his most recent videos where he uses vulgar and disgusting language when referring to Richard ells?!

Naga bo should be banned from this community permanently. In fact he should be banned from this entire universe.

Anyway, marketing - Referrals, on the ground affiliates, incentives that are 100% exclusive for using ETN should be introduced. People aren’t going to switch from their existing way of doing things unless they get something out of it that they perceive as being better than the status quo.

Get those on the ground guys working hard… Get them into the townships talk to people, show them how ETN works. These people talk to each other and information spreads like wildfire.


What was I kidding about? Making nagga the ambassador of his own planet? Nope sorry I stand by that. The guy is a loon. But can’t beat his sentiment. :slight_smile:

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Yep calling him a loon is putting it very lightly :joy:


I think they should forget about partnering up with mobile network data companies. They should concentrate and promote shops in SA, to convert it’s customers mined ETN, into their local currency. They’ll be able to top up on any network and would encourage more people to use the miner. Promoting The Unlimited, makes it look like that’s the only network that ETN is good for, that in turn reduces the potential market. Just advertise the $3 a month air drop and say top up on any network, just convert your ETN to fiat.

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+1 agreed. If the shop accepts ETN then user can top up on any airtime in the shop.


I have discussed an earn to learn idea with @Peter_DIR



South Africa


The 8th annual Proudly SA Buy Local Summit & Expo will take place on 12 & 13 March. Secure your free entry today on

Get someone on the ground to go here. :slight_smile:


Trevor Noah is the only high profile South African I know of, though based in the US now.
I don’t whether he’s held in high regard by South Africans but perhaps you could consider contacting his agent for voice over work for animated ads if the budget will stretch to that?

Here’s Trevor joking about the volatility of Bitcoin on the Daily Show.


You and I could split the midwest region. I have dibs on WI! :stuck_out_tongue:

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My favorite feature associated with the Electroneum app is the peer to peer instant payment functionality, not the mobile miner. The instant payment feature looks, feels, and performs like the future of money. Of course I live in the states and I’m not the target demographic for Electroneum. Still, shouldn’t Electroneum be targeting other western tech nerds like myself who are eager to be innovators for the next big thing?
Right now, I feel Electroneum has the potential to disrupt the fabric of how money is moved between people. I think most of us share that sentiment. However, the early mover advantage window doesn’t stay open very long in this space.
Start marketing to me (westerner) by showing off the instant payment feature. How will it be improving in the future? What does give me that traditional banking doesn’t?
Just as video game cover art is marketed differently to different countries, so too should the features of the Electeoneum app. Let’s jump through the window while it’s still open.


Starts a collaboration with a food organization (for example The World Food Program (WFP) and establishes local shops (example MWC 2019 of electroneum)

Because you work together with an organization, the daily necessities can be offered cheaper than the normal cost price.

the knife on two sides.

The local population learns to take care of their own and there is more employment.

The paid etn`s then arrives at that organization and they can offer the received ethnets at the local exchange offices to buy etn.

This is in general some adjustments here and there


African woman’s craft market

South Africa Cape town

“Located on the busy Long Street and within close proximity to Cape Town’s major tourist attraction centers”

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