Suggestions on how to promote ETN

Hi guys,

Please use this thread for any suggestions on how to promote ETN to the world.


Thanks Rachel !! Please can we get our hands on the M1 phone in South Africa, let the team tell us here what we can help with, spreading the word? We cannot go out and promote if we do not have phones, sim cards etc. Please let us help you guys!!!


ETN + Dedicated _________ charity wallets = Local and national media coverage.

  1. Electroneum team should start contacting the top worldwide charities and create a donation wallet with IR code for each charity.
  2. Then, start promoting ETN on Twitter with hashtags (IR code included) that grab the attention of the charity contributor demographic.
  3. Make short videos showing how easy it is to donate. Include them in social media campaigns.
  4. Send out periodic updates of total donations via social media and provide a charitable contribution counter on your website.

Great idea and was something I was going to suggest but you beat me to it (and explained it better than I could have typed out on my phone).

Charities will promote for us to their donors if we can get them on board as they’ll be keen to get as many donations as possible.

It would have to be a big global charity though, not one of the small local ones for it to work and achieve a kind of ‘big bang’ effect.


Much to be done,
To me I think They should contact the media and do advertisement,
And also target various senior high and tertiary colleges/university both private and public institutions, to tell them that they can earn free money by mining,
And also businesses to start embracing it…


the M1s should be given to be tested by big news agencies


First step is to get The Unlimited to at least have ETN Logo on their website, and announce the partnership there as well as on their facebook page?


I must agree with @Tika comment hereinabove.
Please share info on where the devices are available.

Suggestion: Also sign up spaza shops in the townships and teach the vendors how to accept ETN. Let them have M1 devices at cost so that they are selling the devices vastly cheaper than the online RRP. Possibly give the spaza shops 1 free M1 device per store, that they can use as a pos device and so that they can demo the units to their clients. The unbanked don’t live in cities. Target rural areas first. Large cities always get things first. You need to go where you target market is and that would be rural areas.

Provide the option for people to purchase the phone on Lay-buy. Most of the unbanked do not have access to large sums of money and even $80 is a large some of money for the unbanked. Most of the unbanked use phones that cost loss than $20.

I would suggest appointing a rep on a full-time of contract basis, that can get you into the township and spaza shops.

But let’s start with more information on availability of the devices. Thank you


The Unlimited are still training there staff about etn :wink:
Can’t roll out new products fast, otherwise the staff will not be able to assist when there are calls.

These things take time to roll out. I do agree though. It’s a good place to start.


Rather have a local identify the correct people to share early devices with. I will put a list together and share later today. Don’t just give out devices to media. Target selected people. :wink:


selected crypto media can be read/listened to by thosands or millions of people so the impact is much bigger

Check this my suggestion. Reward for people with most referals for chosen period in chosen areas (country or continent)… Reward can be boost to the miner for example 200% for next period or the electroneum m1 phone…


Electroneum target audience does not read crypto media sites. Most of these people (unbanked) have never used the internet before :wink:


From professor here make advisors in their country and in each country have at least one and he can receive some reward in ETN and be as our business manager in the region. Prepare some deals with some vendors or go with your Taylor Gorman to business meetings…


Well imo some wide scale advertising when you’re ready will of course help significantly. I really think some commercials would bring massive attention in the long term for ETN. Feel free to do your own due diligence on them thought I feel they’d be pretty safe being an acquisition of Adobe.

This is mass scale global marketing the type that would greatly help reach the 99% of people
around the world.

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good point and 20 :chipmunk:

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Part of the reason I got behind ETN was because Richard was labelled as a master marketer. If there is one failure in crypto, it is the ability to market. I’m scratching my head on what the reason for this thread’s existence is other than a big red flag saying “we are out of ideas”.

Anyone here will come up with ideas pertaining to more advanced marketing techniques using the internet, TV, etc. But as SpazaShop has alluded to is those techniques won’t work. So, you have to do a little market research on how the target audience learns of new projects in their specific area. It could be simple (and cheap) things such as signs or billboards in the target areas. I certainly don’t know because I don’t live there.

One thing that would certainly help is the partners put something about ETN on their sites and company apps advertising the ETN payment option…that would help immensely! Right now if the The Unlimited customers go to The Unlimited’s website, there is nothing about ETN…how are they supposed to know they can use ETN to pay for that company’s packages? It doesn’t seem like much of a partnership to me if there is no mutual promotion. I’ve seen ETN promote the heck out of TU…but you go to TU’s site and you hear crickets.

Anyway, that’s all I have. Figure out how the target audience learns of new things and do that. Simple.


What’s the marketing team doing? i imagine they’re sat around a table trying to come up with ideas and and one of them came up with the bright idea to ask the community.

I would suggest getting rid of your marketing team, if you have to ask here for ideas on how to promote ETN then they are not capable of doing their job.

At the very least this should have been done discretely, maybe by asking a community member to start this thread so i didn’t look like you don’t know what you are doing.


As for promoting ETN in South Africa i would suggest a boots on the ground approach, flyers, competitions, giveaways. Create a promotional video, maybe get a local celebrity on video explaining the benefits of ETN in a quick video that can be displayed in local stores to raise awareness and get people using the App.


I think they (or this particular member) are sensing we are restless on this subject so they are providing an avenue for us to vent while they wait on The Unlimited to get trained and the phones to arrive in SA