Suggestions for etn and app

1.Staking …
2. In app etn purchase via fiat
3. Collateralized Loans VS ETN with a tiered system. Similar to celsius earn in kind or ETN higher apy
4.apply.for coinbase new listing they want regulated crypto and have a new onboarding system
5.list on more exchange even if there smaller
6.burning coins
7.weekly AMA with Richard or high team.memb 30 min
8.update app new and shiny
9 top 100 holders list. / top 100 holders for.time .
10.option for institutions / whales buy OTC
11.daily stats.price… 1y 1m 1w 24h …app dl … active app users etn stored in app daily out etn outside app

Obviously these are crypto and price oriented …but higher price would drive more demand and some things mentioned here utility

In terms of user growth just more use cases

Point 6… will not happen… as far as I know this illegal in UK


Enable to have names next to etn address. Just like a phonebook


As a loyal ETN supporter since the beginning, I have a suggestion for the AnyTask platform.

I use freelancers all the time on Fiver and other freelance sites and today I wanted to get a custom quote for a new website however I could not see a link to upload a file with the specs for the seller to see.

I believe adding a link to upload files for the seller to see to give a custom quote would be helpful.

If this is not possible in the short term I suggest increasing the number of words in the message so the specs can be copy-pasted until it is possible to upload files.

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