Suggestion from Emperors reaching to Richard Ells

Hello etn community

A message From saber maram himself to the etn team, saber the man who has over 50 people working day and night and invented a true dezentralized algorythm to reward your time called airtime

His message to Electroneum

@Rach have you seen this ?

That message makes no sense…


I know thats why i asked rach if she has seen it. Might give the team a laugh :rofl:


Seems a little heavy on the ego speak.
Too much of that, ‘mines bigger’ in crypto.



I think that suggestion is to HELP his project more than help ETN grow into what we all want. After seeing how Mr. Ells conducts himself as a CEO, I am noticing how other CEO’s act unprofessional. It goes to show a CEO for something purely related to crypto still can lack fundamental business skills…


Meanwhile, I was just wondering how many TUBEs have been exchanged for ETN already. @Storm was miniFOMOing them into ETN for a while. (Was thinking about doing this with mine as well, looks like TradeOgre is the place to do it.)

I remember reading posts months ago from people saying they were mining them and then selling for ETN as well.

Rewarding for browsing isn’t a bad idea, but not quite the point for ETN at the moment. Now, rewards in the target areas for learning digital skills to sell on GigFair, there’s an idea. Watch instructional videos, complete a sample project, ETN reward. Post on GigFair for jobs using said skill, earn ETN. Hmm, just thinking out loud here. :thinking:

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