Successful case in Brazil!

Project: Promotion of Electroneum in the Top Eleven Manager Game Community in Brazil
Beginning: September / 2018
Objective: Organize championships independently where the only means of registration is Electroneum.

It sounds easy, but attracting people who have no cryptocurrency affinity to this world is a very, very difficult task. Although Electroneum is very easy to use and win, people’s distrust is always there.

Well, that’s when I decided to be a bridge between these people and our world, and the best way I found it was through a very popular football game with millions of players around the world.

My first championship in September 2018 was not quite as I expected. Only 6 participants in a community like Brazil, was difficult to understand, because I offered an excellent award, change to generate a small income with the minimum of effort and in return would only have to install an application and contribute symbolically with 10 ETNs.

Despite the difficulties, I did not give up and moved on. The following month (October) came and with it a new competition and to my surprise, although few participants again, 9 participants signed up and thus a 30% increase over the previous competition.

The months went by and always with new participants …

3rd Edition - 14 Participants
5th Edition - 26 Participants
9th Edition - 31 Participants
12th Edition - 42 Participants

This month we are starting the 13th season and we got 50 participants! Doesn’t look like much? It may be … but it’s not people who are using Electroneum for a quick profit, swap for other currencies and just dump. They are using as a means of payment between them, either by a subscription or negotiation of a game item. In the last two competitions I started using the instant payments api and exploring a little more what Electroneum can offer.

I consider this a success story and achieved independently! I reached my first goal and now I’m going after the next one, which is to get official support from Electroneum, so I will be able to expand and expand to other countries. Create national and international competitions. I’m dreaming big right now!

If you know anyone who can read and recommend me until you get to them, please indicate!

All competition history is here

Forgive the translation errors, because I used an automatic translator =)

cool,- fantastic to hear about your hard work promoting ETN - well done :slight_smile:

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