Submitted Documents and waiting for approval


Dear Team,

I have submitted my Passport as Document and filled all my details in that form for KYC registration but it is still showing in pending, i am on 2nd level that’s why I can’t see my balance in my wallet, please help me out in this matter. How much time it will take to get approved?
i have done this registration from computer, i did not use YOTI.



When did you submit? It may take some time for them to verify as many are sending documents in to be verified.


72 hours ago i have submitted the documents


Wait atleast 6-8 working days.


Since today is Monday and you submitted over the weekend I would give it a little more time for them to process before raising a ticket. Many are sending documents in so it may take a little while to process. I would give it another few of days at least before opening a ticket.


please see this image and guide me.


You will need to wait for document to be verified. It is pending so you will recieve a response.