Stratum connection failed


I use the iphone 7 helppp


STOP! That isnt the official mobile miner, that looks like an actual miner. But you said its for iphone??? Apple have banned all crypto miners from app store… so how did you find that?

If thats a real miner, get it deleted, you will fry your phone.



Just be sure to have insurance on phone, and preferably house too. Success of fire from actual mining on phone can occur easily.

A lot of times you can not really trust third party 1 person developer where mistakes can happen and fry your phone or even worse issues if that phone is left untended. 22 hashes a second is just not worth. Not even by a long shot.

Electroneum iOS is around the corner and cloud mining so the wait will be over soon.

As far as your “Stratum Connection” issues, that could be on behalf of the Miner software and or pool stability.

Also unless this is some type of special pool where reward system is unique, you are not going to get anything because Electroneum is ASIC mined, requires a lot of power.


Do not try and mine for real using your mobile. You will get literally no coins and damage your phone.

Only use the official mobile miner software from electroneum, which is just a simulation and will reward you with real ETN but does no real mining and thus will not damage your hardware.


I sent a link to the team a while back , etn miner for Android . Looked nothing like the official app it was classed under mods …

Have to be careful as many have stated it will burn out your mobile device in noo time . Which in turn could cause untold issues