storage of coins


hello support team,

Due to known security problems and hacks (see Cryptopia), I as a user ask myself the question how exactly the ETN coins in the online wallet (Walletmanager) are secured and protected from access by outsiders.

I also wonder to what extent the CLI client of the paper wallet is protected, in my opinion the CLI variant is even more secure, since it is not administered directly via a homepage, am I right?

The most important question that occupies all ETN users is, which storage variant is the most secure, crypto exchanges are not.

Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

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A lot of accounts got hacked in the early stages of etn but as im aware we are working with hackerone, not to much to worry about :slight_smile:

***Edited by Admin, To clarify, the electroneum systems have never been compromised. In the early days some users unfortunately allowed their accounts to be penetrated… the team noticed strange IPs accessing the accounts to withdraw and quickly stopped usage to protect them. As stated, ETN are using HackerOne to ensure that their system continues to be as secure as possible.


Richard talked a bit about this before they are working on a cold storage system but not sure on timelines for implementation.


I’m going to say the etn paper wallets are the safest in my eyes , as long as you follow the guidelines and do it all offline it’s impossible for them to be hacked . Unless you show your private keys…

See this excellent guide from @cuddlesquid

I have 90% of my etn on paper wallets and the rest is left in the online wallet /app .

I trust them after they got the app tested…


That would be an incorrect statement:( No wallets were ever hacked. Shortly after the ICO and release, there was unusual activity on the wallet system which forced the team to shut them down before any negative actions were taken (the oposite of what Cryptopia admins did). ETN then hired hackerone to assist with securing their system. Hackerone is the best anti hack organization in the world, they have even worked on securing systems for the pentagon if I remember correctly.

So rest assured, your funds are as safe as anyone could make them on the official wallet. With that said, offline paper wallets are the most secure, period.