Stock market is imploding , good for crypto


Dow plunges more than 800 points in worst drop since February, Amazon and tech shares lead the rout

Stock market is imploding , good for crypto


Bring on the panic sells in fiat and may the bull run begin


exactly flight to safety , gold silver crypto


I used to be in silver , made some pennies on that and then the price went up and has stayed there since. Crypto is way more fun… I like the direction were headed …

Mooon lol


i was a gold and silver trader for a long time , made a bit on it , but crypto has better percentage margins




The big crash is not far off. Crypto is going to be huge. Sweden has announced they are working on the E-Krona digital currency. Every country will have it soon I think. We are in for some very interesting times now.


Sweden really doesnt have much tax left for research, I’ve contacted the government on multiple occasions to propose blockchain solutions within the healthcare system. But it’s never been a priority, always dismissed. I doubt a national crypto for Sweden will happen in the next 5 years.